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Simon Cowell on son Eric: 'He's going to be doing this one day'

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It sounds like young Eric Cowell is following in his dad's footsteps! Simon Cowell has opened up about his only son, revealing that the three-year-old has a "good ear" for talent acts and thinks his dad's job is all about pressing buttons. In an interview for the upcoming series of Britain's Got Talent, the music mogul said: "[Eric] does enjoy coming down to auditions. The first time I brought him to Britain's Got Talent he thought it was scary because of the big red Xs, but then after a few months I said, 'What does Daddy do when he goes to work?' and he said I pressed buttons – it's a little more than that! Now, he understands the show so I watch him and I'm like, 'Eric do you like it? Don't you like it?'. He’s got a really good eye and ear for it, so yes, he's going to be doing this one day."

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Simon Cowell said son Eric has a good eye for the acts

Simon also revealed that he and Eric don't always agree on certain acts, adding: "Of course he disagrees with me! He's so funny though, he cracks me up!" Simon's fellow judge Amanda Holden also spoke about little Eric. "I think he's got an eye for talent and a great sense of humour," she said. "He's very cute, as soon as he arrives in the room I'm all over him and he runs a mile! Rightly so because he knows me, but he doesn't know me that well. I'm like, 'Give me a kiss Eric!' and he's like, 'No!'. That's right, he should be like that. It's just like Simon, he runs a mile from me as well!"

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Simon spoke proudly about his little boy

Britain's Got Talent returns Saturday 15 April at 8pm on ITV and, according to one audience member, an audition saw a contestant collapse during his performance. They told The Sun: "His granddad died that day and combined with the stress of auditions, it really got to him. It was incredibly scary. Luke was singing with his mum and suddenly he just fell. All of the judges jumped to their feet, and Simon rushed on stage."

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