EastEnders to kill off major character in gas explosion storyline!

Will the blaze also mean Max Branning's secret plot is finally exposed?...

Gemma Strong

EastEnders looks set to kill off one of its main character in a seriously explosive manner this September. According to reports, the upcoming 'Walford in Bloom' event will end in tragedy when a gas explosion ignites just as the major arrives to meet with residents. The resulting blaze will reportedly claim the life of at least one major character, with several others left with their lives hanging in the balance.

It is thought that the aftermath of the explosion will also be key in exposing Max Branning's revenge plot. And with an ambulance crash involving the Carter family, and several more twists in the pipeline, it looks set to be an unmissable week of action.


Max Branning's revenge plot looks set to be uncovered in the aftermath of the explosion

A source told the Sun: "It's a bold stunt and has taken months of planning. It'll trigger a load of other storylines off the back of it, but the explosion itself will be a major talking point. Viewers will be left wondering whether it was set off on purpose, or by accident, and bosses are staying tight-lipped about who will die, but at least one is looking like they will. Fans will be hoping it's not one of their favourites who is being killed off."

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Of course, Albert Square has experienced its fair share of infernos; Phil Mitchell famously set the Queen Vic on fire in 2010, leaving landlady Peggy to shout, 'Let it burn' as she watched her beloved pub go up in flames. The B&B was also burned down when Yusef took revenge on Zainab, and Alfie Moon risked his life when he set fire to his home in order to try and claim the insurance money.