EastEnders: Will Linda forgive Mick over Whitney betrayal?

Mick Carter is forced to apologise to wife Linda once again

Sharnaz Shahid

Linda Carter is once again left questioning her faith in husband Mick. On Tuesday night, EastEnders viewers will see the Queen Vic landlord beg his betrayed wife for forgiveness after she was left blindsided by the news that he had kissed Whitney more than once. In a new teaser, the father-of-four tells her: "From the bottom of my heart, I'm sorry for kissing Whitney."

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"I swear to you that nothing else happened. You need to accept my apology so we can move on," he added, to which Linda simply replied: "I don't know." Earlier this month, the Queen Vic landlady, played by Kellie Bright, was left heartbroken after Mick revealed that he was "in love" with his former daughter-in-law. And while they moved on from the revelation, Linda was hurt after Denise revealed she saw the pair kiss at the hospital.


In a recent interview, actress Kellie hinted that her character would be foolish to let go of her 27-year relationship with Mick over a kiss. "Linda doesn't think that Mick is in love with Whitney, certainly not to begin with anyway," she shared, reports Digital Spy. "She actually says to him, 'You're infatuated, you have a crush and you think it's love'." She added: "But if your husband has kissed someone else and he says that he thinks he's in love with them, it would still throw you even if you were the most confident person in the world. It would make you question everything."

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When asked if the couple could move forward from this, Kellie replied: "You don't just walk away from someone after 27 years over a kiss, even if there are feelings involved. Linda would be a fool to give up now and she knows it - but it's just a matter of how she gets past it."

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