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Great British Bake Off viewers can't stop complaining about this mistake

Fans have been expressing their frustration on Twitter

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The move to Channel 4 and the loss of Mary Berry, Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc on the Great British Bake Off isn't what's riling fans. No, viewers are more upset about a long-standing 'mistake' in the show's opening credits, which has remained unrectified even after Bake Off moved to Channel 4. Frustrated TV fans have been taking to Twitter to complain about – pause – the missing raspberry on the bottom right-hand side of the chocolate cake.

"New channel, new judge, new presenters and Bake Off STILL can't put a raspberry in the space on the intro," wrote one fan. Another tweeted: "Right is it just me or is there a raspberry missing from the cake on The Great British Bake Off's opening titles, bothers me every time." A third joked: "British problems: the government, that missing raspberry on the cake in the Bake Off opening. Nah that's it."


"Bake Off STILL can't put a raspberry in the space on the intro," wrote one fan

The popular baking show returned to screens last month, finding its new home on Channel 4. Candice Brown, who won the series last year, said she never doubted the show would be a success following its move. "It's just Bake Off," Candice told HELLO! Online. "I think people did have their reservations and I kept saying to them, 'It'll just be Bake Off', and it is, and I love the fact that people are eating a little bit of humble pie going, 'Oh it is just Bake Off.' It's amazing and the contestants are incredible. I met Prue a couple of weeks ago, who was just amazing. I think it's brilliant and the standard's insanely high."


This year's Bake Off contestants

Meet the new Bake Off contestants

The new series has seen Prue Leith take over Mary Berry, and Noel Fielding and Sandi Tolksvig replace Mel and Sue. Speaking about her replacement, Mary told Good Morning Britain: "If somebody had asked who would you like to be the new judge, I would have chosen Prue because she knows her stuff."