A look at Suranne Jones' transformation: From Corrie's factory girl to Doctor Foster

The talented actress has gone on quite a journey since leaving the Cobbles

Hanna Fillingham

Suranne Jones has been keeping viewers hooked throughout series two of Doctor Foster, with the award-winning actress owning the screen during prime time viewing this autumn. The 39-year-old actress has certainly come a long way since her days as feisty Coronation Street resident Karen Macdonald, and HELLO! Online have taken a trip down memory lane to follow her evolving transformation.

Suranne Jones as Coronation Street's factory worker Karen Mcdonald 

Suranne first came onto our screens in 2000 as Corrie's factory worker Karen, who was often described as a posh "Victoria Beckham wannabe". During her reign on the ITV soap, Karen's wardrobe consisted of denim jackets, power suits and the character's trademark hoop earrings. The actress was involved in major storylines during her time on the soap, including her explosive showdown with enemy Tracy Barlow during her second wedding to Steve McDonald (Simon Gregson), which was watched by millions up and down the country. Suranne was even awarded Best Actress at the British Soap Awards, and Most Popular Actress at the National Television Awards, for her portrayal as Karen.

Karen and Steve Mcdonald were an iconic Corrie couple 

However, after being in Coronation Street for four years, Suranne was ready to move on, shocking fans by announcing she was quitting back in 2004. The actress later told The Times: "I just thought, ‘While she’s brilliant and I’m enjoying her I’ve got to get out’. I was living and breathing Karen McDonald."

Suranne's career went from strength to strength after she left Coronation Street, seeing her land a lead role in ITV's detective drama Scott & Bailey, staring alongside Lesley Sharp and former Corrie co-star Sally Lindsay. It was Sally who introduced her to now-husband Laurence Akers. The actress recently opened up about her relationship on This Morning, telling hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: "I met Laurence at Sally Lindsay's wedding. He was friends with her husband. A year later, we married and a year after that we had a baby."

Suranne went on to star in Scott & Bailey with Lesley Sharp

Since 2015, Suranne has been best known as doctor Gemma Foster in BBC One's Doctor Foster. Her portrayal as the wronged wife in series one back in 2015 saw her awarded with a Bafta, and rightly so. With a chic, cropped bob and power suits in her wardrobe, Suranne certainly looks the part, and has most recently been wowing fans with her stellar body. Most recently, the actress stripped off on episode three of the new series, and fans couldn't believe just how toned she looked. "Suranne Jones has some serious abs," one wrote on Twitter.

Suranne has had viewers on the edges of their seats in Doctor Foster

Suranne has not only been wowing on screen, but has been involved in the production side of this series of Doctor Foster too. The actress hopes that the new series will help break the stigma surrounding heartbroken women, telling The Radio Times: "People use the word 'mental' when women get upset about men going off with younger women. 'She's mental', 'she's lost it'. No. Her heart's broken, and her world has been turned upside-down, and actually I think Doctor Foster makes people feel like their deep feelings are understood, at the same time as it being entertainment."

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