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Emmy Griffiths

We're approaching the Christmas season which means only one thing – Christmas adverts! From supermarkets to toy stores to television, there have already been some great adverts this year – but which one is your favourite? Check out our top picks below, then scroll down to vote for your favourite in our poll!

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Sainsbury's official Christmas advert has people from all walks of life in Britain singing along to the same song – Every Bit of Christmas. The cute advert has people in the advert singing about everything from Christmas dinner to Nativity plays, and includes NHS nurses, school children and Tesco cashiers, along with a cameo from Kermit the Frog! The advert has divided viewers' opinion - but what do you think?!


John Lewis

John Lewis' advert features a little boy who slowly makes friends with the monster under his bed, Moz. The pair play together every night before Moz notices that his friend is too tired during the day, and so buys him a night light so he can go to sleep without the monster bothering him. The trailer ends with little Joe sleeping soundly, while the tagline reads: "For gifts that brighten up their world."


Sky Cinema

This sweet trailer shows a mother and daughter watching the Sound of Music together every year as the little girl grows up. One year, the mum is watching it by herself while her daughter is travelling the world, but she then surprises her by returning home. Eventually, the little girl has a daughter of her own, and the three of them watch the classic together, with the tagline reading: "Nothing brings people together like a movie at Christmas."



Paddington helps a burglar, who was stealing presents, redeliver them to everyone, all the while thinking that he is helping out Santa. The burglar eventually begins to happily help put all of the Christmas presents back under the tree, and is touched when he sees a happy family opening their gifts. The bear becomes a celebrity after he is spotted helping out Santa on camera, joking: "We're going to need more marmalade", as reporters arrive at his front door.

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The Aldi Christmas advert follows a carrot who catches a train after thinking he spots Santa Claus. He then falls in love with another carrot in a homage to Murder on the Orient Express after he sees that a gingerbread man had been broken and saves the other carrot from being hit by a pea!



In the Argos Christmas advert, an elf working in Santa's workshop is horrified when a robot dog wanders off the bench, and the shipment is about to leave at any second. On a mad dash through the warehouse (while showing all of the top toy gifts of the year), she ends up safely placing the robot dog in the right place for delivery just in the nick of time!


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