Dennis Wise addresses claims of 'bullying' on I'm A Celebrity

The former footballer became the sixth star to leave the jungle

Gemma Strong

Dennis Wise's I'm A Celebrity journey came to an end on Thursday evening when he became the sixth star to be voted out of the jungle. The 50-year-old bid farewell to fellow campmates, before sitting down for a chat with hosts Ant and Dec, when he was asked about his fractious relationship with Iain Lee. Explaining the pair's clash over Bushtucker Trials, Dennis – who has been accused of 'bullying' the comedian – said: "He said it twice, 'Get Me Out Of Here'. When they came back and they say, 'Oh I couldn't do it' and they do it twice… everyone was kind of thinking, 'Well, we need to eat'."

Dennis also spoke about his decision to then let Iain take part in the latest Bushtucker Trial – in which Iain and Jennie won a full house of six meals for camp. "There's people who want to promote themselves and go onto other things," he told Ant and Dec. "After hearing Iain's letter, I thought, 'You go and do that trial. You need the airtime.'" He added: "There's nothing wrong with that."

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Dennis Wise pictured with his wife Claire

Earlier on Thursday, viewers had seen Iain hit back at Amir Khan after once again being goaded over his trial performances in the past. It came as Iain was commiserating with the others about the departure of Stanley Johnson – only for Amir to interject, saying: "Remember you came in and you bossed us all around. You split the camp up." "Thanks Amir. That was my choice, you're right," Iain sarcastically replied, reminding the boxer that he had been required to act as camp leader. "Your attitude as well," Amir continued. "You killed us… [saying] do this, do that." With Iain clearly upset, Dennis told him Amir was only joking. But Amir then continued: “" think you could win it. You know, when a guy goes from bad to good."

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Iain Lee and Jennie McAlpine won six meals for camp in the Bushtucker Trial

The situation grew more tense when Iain was chosen to take part in the Bushtucker Trial, admitting on camera: "I'm feeling a little bit of pressure on me because Dennis has warned me not to say 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here', and that's not my intention at all. It's on me to prove to them than I can do this." While Iain and Jennie headed to the trial site, Amir, Dennis and Jamie Lomas continued to discuss the comedian. "What if he comes back with no stars?" Amir asked, with Dennis answering: "I'm going to go a*******. I don't think he will though." Amir then speculated: "If he's playing a game, he might do just to p*** us off." To which Jamie replied: "It is a game."

"Look, if he wants to win the show, then fine, but be real with yourself," Amir later said in the Bush Telegraph. "I came into camp, you've seen my personality. It's the same all the way through, and I've not changed one bit. I just don't like people that change like a yoyo and their personality is like this, like that. I don't like that."

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Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo dismissed speculation Iain is 'game-playing'

The boys' conversation was overheard by Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo, who shared her confusion over their comments in the Bush Telegraph. "I overheard some of the boys talking and discussing things about a game plan, which with Iain I really can't see," she said. "We've been in here starving, tired, on top of each other for nearly three weeks. I just don't think anyone could keep up a game plan – it would be so exhausting and I think it would come out – the truth always does."