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Love Island's Jack Fincham has been compared to Kate Middleton - and it's very funny!

Who would have thought that Kate and Jack would have something in common!

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Although Jack Fincham and Kate Middleton couldn't be more different, but Tuesday's episode of Love Island revealed the one thing the pair have in common, and it is hilarious! In the episode, Jack's ex-girlfriend Ellie revealed that he has a poster of Danny Dyer on his wall. Since Jack is currently dating the EastEnders star's daughter, Dani, fans couldn't help but be reminded of the widely reported rumour that Kate herself had a poster of a prince on her wall before they had even met!

jack fincham 1© Photo: ITV

Jack has a posted of Danny Dyer on his wall

One person tweeted: "Jack has a poster of Danny Dyer on his wall! This is meant to be! It's like when Kate Middleton was growing up and had a pic of Prince Charming on her wall - then married Prince William! IT'S COMING HOME PEOPLE!!!! IT'S COMING HOME!!!" Another person joked: "Dani doesn't care that Jack's got a poster of her dad in his room, she just cares that he's 26 and still got posters. National treasure in the making #loveisland." Others suggested that Jack's friends should try to sabotage him while he is still on the show, with one joking: "If Jack's mates aren't building a shrine to Danny Dyer in his room as we watch this are they even his mates?!"

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Danny recently opened up about his daughter's decision to appear on the show. Chatting on Good Evening Britain, he said: "I didn't want her to do it, I've never seen it before but you fear as a father.... What it is, it's entertainment, right? It is what it is. It's a game show. £50 grand at stake and Dani's going to win it... I cannot moan as a father. She hasn't put a foot wrong... We're watching it unfold and it isn't that bad Piers."

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