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Brendan Cole gives Strictly verdict: Katie's nerves, Sean's hair and 'amazing' Kate Silverton

There's a lot of promise in this series

brendan cole strictly column
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Hi everyone, I hope you all enjoyed watching the opening series of Strictly as much as me! After just two weeks of rehearsals, I think everyone did very well, and there were a few celebrities that surprised me with their moves! I thought there was some really nice dancing, and I think it's safe to say we are in for a very interesting series. Who was your favourite? Comment down below. And I must say, what a beautiful opening by all the pros too. I really liked watching it.

What I love about Strictly is the dancers who surprise you the most, and just how amazing is Kate Silverton? I have danced with many a newsreader as you know, and I didn’t really expect anything from her but she had a great attitude. She knew the brief and came in, and she completely blew my expectations, I was really proud of her. I am expecting to see great things from her and Alijaz throughout the series. Another person who was great was Faye Tozer. She is one to watch – her cha-cha was really impressive. The cha-cha isn’t an easy dance, especially to start off with and there is a lot of technical stuff involved to get it right.

kate silverton strictly

Kate Silverton was incredible!

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I thought Charles Venn got a hard time from the judges, do you agree? What's wrong with there being disco dancing in a disco dancing song? He did the cha-cha and a good job of it too. I think there is something really nice and likeable about him and I am looking forward to seeing what he has to offer next week. Shirley Ballas gave her first ever eight last night to Dr Ranj and Janette &ndash which surprised me. I thought they were good and looked sweet but can't say I was overly excited by their performance, but who knows, things may change.

sean walsh strictly

Sean did a great tango

I also thought that the judges' comments about Sean's hair weren't relevant to his dancing ability. Sean came on and did a good tango, and if you are going to spend time talking about hair then you aren't really giving him the attention that he needs to go forward in the competition. Poor Susannah too. Her and Anton's dance was one of my least favouite, she deserved better. She could have done really well and I hope she can come back and do a normal dance next week and get some credibility back.

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Last night they did something new in Strictly and had a couple do the quickstep in the first week of the show. Did you enjoy Stacey and Kevin's performance? I thought she did a great job. I do think she has more potential though and would have liked to have seen her doing more, it was a bit too sweet, maybe too safe. But perhaps this will change as the weeks go on.

katie piper strictly

I hope Katie Piper can fight her nerves next week

Nerves are expected on a show like Strictly – who wouldn’t be a bit wobbly? And I did feel for poor Katie Piper. She was nervous in the first week and she started off her dance so well and she and Gorka looked lovely together, but then it fell apart. I know what it's like when your partner is nervous and I felt gutted for them. You work so hard and then nerves get the better of you and you end up being at the bottom of the leaderboard. Being at the bottom in week one is soul destroying as well for your confidence. Hopefully she can get those nerves under control though.

All in all, I thought everyone has a lot of potential and on a show like Strictly, it isn't just about how well you can dance, but how much enthusiasm you show on the dance floor, so I am really looking forward to tuning in next week to see how they have all got on after another in rehearsals.

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