Coronation Street spoilers: Sally gets a surprising new cellmate and Mary worries about Jude  

Find out everything you need to know about next week's Coronation Street

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Find out everything you need to know about the upcoming episodes of Coronation Street! In next week's episodes, Ken offers to pay for Sinead's treatment, Robert wants to have children with Michelle and Paula is worried about Sally's trial. Find out all of the Coronation Street spoilers below...

Monday 19 November part one

After another sleepless night Ali resorts to extreme measures and cons Moira into letting him into the surgery to collect something. He gets some anti-depressants before heading to the bistro where he gets drunk and flirts with Bethany. Robert and Michelle arrive back to find the boys at each other's throats. Ali storms out and Ryan is shocked by something Robert says. Meanwhile, Leanne is still furious at Nick and won't let him explain about his secret marriage. Nick tells Carla the deal is off and he is keeping his share of the factory now she has nothing over him, Elsa arrives and says that Nick defrauded her of £40,000 to buy into the factory.


Tim visits Sally but can't bring himself to tell her they are struggling to find a character witness from the council. Gina meets up with another internet date who takes her across the other side of town but when he makes it clear he only wants sex she knees him in the groin and runs off and calls Tim for help. Elsewhere, Emma and Chesney arrange to meet for a drink. When Gemma invites herself along Chesney's thrilled, until she reveals that Spike will be joining them too.


Monday 19 November part two

Michelle finds Ali in a state in the flat, he tells her to leave him alone and stumbles out. He picks a fight with two burly bikers outside the tattoo parlour and they give him a good kicking in the alleyway. Ryan comes to Ali's aid and scares them off and takes Ali home. Michelle is horrified at his injuries. Robert asks Michelle again about having a child of their own.


Tim screeches to a halt after finding Gina on a street, Gina apologises and says that she thought her date was chasing her but it was a false alarm. As Tim tries to explain the situation to a police car that has stopped the officer smells alcohol on Tim's breath and arrests him. Paula is worried to find out the judge on the case is the one Sophie insulted. Meanwhile Sally tells her cellmate she has every confidence she will soon be free.


Carla suggests to Elsa that as she actually owns Nick's share of Underworld they should go into business together. Meanwhile Elsa confronts an embarrassed Leanne who tells her she didn't know Nick was married. Elsewhere, When Carla reveals that Sinead is trying some complementary therapies to combat her chemo side effects, Ken insists he'll pay for them on the quiet. Chesney finally admits to Emma that despite his mission to make Gemma jealous, it's her that he wants to go out with. Emma's on cloud nine.

Wednesday 21 November part one

It is the first day of Sally's trial and she is upset when there is no sign of Gina and Tim. They eventually arrive just as proceedings are about to start. As Duncan takes the stand and paints himself as an innocent victim who fell in love with Sally and was coerced into defrauding the council, how will Sally cope?


Gemma watches jealously as Emma and Chesney go for a run together. When there is a break in at a pizza shop and Spike is arrested Gemma accuses Chesney of shopping him to the police. Chesney denies any involvement. Elsewhere, Phil collars Brian in the staff room and orders him to oversee the school Christmas production, a tie-up of Lord of the Rings and Cinderella. In a thinly veiled threat, Phil tells Brian in order to avoid redundancy, the production must be outstanding.

Wednesday 21 November part two

Paula tries to get Sally to remember what she did on her birthday as Duncan is saying they spent the night together at hotel. Kevin remembers that Sally spent the evening of her birthday visiting Jack in hospital. Paula and Sophie set about getting the CCTV footage but it looks like it is going to take days. Sophie hatches a plan and tells Sally to pretend to be ill to adjourn the case to give them time to get the footage.


Chesney discovers that Spike did indeed rob the pizza shop and he tells her it was the owner not Chesney who shopped him. He urges Gemma to tell Chesney how she feels. How will he react? Meanwhile, Brian proudly presents Phil with his plans for Lord of the Rings meets Cinderella. However he's disappointed when Phil tells him there's been a change of plan and he'll have to come up with some new ideas. Cathy worries for Brian. Elsewhere, at Ryan's request Robert and Michelle give Bethany some shifts at the Bistro.

Friday 23 November part one

Sally is surprised to find her new cellmate is Abi. She explains to Abi that she needs to try and get her case adjourned but she can't bring herself to make herself sick so Abi comes up with a plan. As everyone arrives at the court they discover that Sally is in hospital. Paula is horrified when Sophie admits she told her mum to pretend to be ill. Gina is horrified at her sister's duplicity.


Brian is exhausted after working all night on the play only to discover that there was no real urgency at all. Fiz and Tyrone complain to Brian that hope has been excluded for biting a teacher. Brian wishes he could help but his hands are tied. Cathy is concerned about the pressure Phil is putting Brian under. Gemma tells Chesney she made a mistake and is truly sorry and asks him out for lunch. It is clear they get on well and Emma feels slightly uneasy as she joins them. She asks Gemma if she has feelings for Chesney. Elsewhere, having heard nothing from Jude for weeks, Mary's worried and suggests to Angie they should report him missing to the police. Angie's not keen. To Angie's annoyance, a police officer calls at the solicitors' office and quizzes her about Jude. Angie insists that Mary's fussing over nothing and he's simply run away.

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Friday 23 November part two

Tim and Gina are incredulous at the lengths that Sally has gone to stop the case. Gina decides to meet Duncan to quiz him some more. He spins her a pack of lies about how he fell in love and they had a torrid affair but she was just using him. Gina believes every word he says. Back at home Gina surprises Tim and Sophie by saying she will be a character witness for Sally. What is she up to?


Brian realises that Phil's exclusion of Hope is all part of his drive to become Headmaster. Cathy urges him to stand up to Phil. Brian tells him that Fiz and Tyrone are going to go to the press. He's pleased when Phil says he will review his decision but things don't go quite as planned when he says that he is sending Hope to a pupil referral unit to be assessed as he has no time for disruptive children. Elsewhere, Mary's dismayed when Angie reveals that she filled the police in on Jude's duplicitous background, worried they won't take his disappearance seriously.

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