Coronation Street spoilers Monday 3 to Friday 7 December: Sinead's shock confession, Toyah and Imran reignite their old flame

Read up on all of the Coronation Street spoilers!

Alicia Lansom

Find out everything you need to know about the upcoming episodes of Coronation Street from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th December! In next week's episodes, Sinead makes a shock confession, Fiz gets emotional when she leaves with Hope for Birmingham, and Toyah and Imran reignite their old flame in a passionate reunion. Find out all of the Corrie spoilers below...


Fiz tries to find some dog-friendly accommodation for Evelyn, despite Evelyn's best efforts to emotionally blackmail Tyrone into letting her stay. Tyrone and Hope take Cerberus for a walk but when Tyrone becomes distracted he realises that Hope and Cerberus have disappeared and starts to panic. Hope then admits she put Cerberus on a tram to Rochdale and as Tyrone and Fiz break the news to Evelyn, Hope shockingly declares she's not sorry for what she did.


Amy reminds Steve and Tracy that under their new contract it's family night. But when Amy suggests they cancel, Tracy grows suspicious that Amy has a crush on someone. Suspecting that she does, Steve insists they stick to their original plans.

Meanwhile Imran loses his cool with Leanne for jeopardising his case through her involvement with Nick. Toyah, acting as the protective sister, comes in to the office to give Imran a talking-to however passion takes over in the heat of the moment and the pair end up kissing, but spring apart as they hear someone approaching. Elsewhere Cathy pleads with Rita for a job at the Kabin and Robert and Kate consults Adam about their baby plan.



Toyah hides under Imran's desk just before Nick comes in and stands up for Leanne. Later, Shona knows that Nick and Leanne are still pining for one another so in a bid to play matchmaker, she traps them both in the cafe to hash out their differences, but will they resolve their issues and get together?

Meanwhile, after finding out Cerberus ran off the tram, Evelyn is convinced she will never see him again, causing her to lash out at both Fiz and Hope. But she then gets some home truths from Dev while at the Rovers that leave her speechless. Tyrone and Fiz discuss Hope's recent behaviour with a therapist and Fiz is left shocked when she finds out Tyrone has already found a suitable special school for Hope in Birmingham.

Later, Steve, Tracy and Amy sit through family night but while Amy is in the bathroom, Tracy goes through her phone and pieces together evidence that suggest her love interest is Aadi. Elsewhere Adam accidently lets slip Robert's and Kate's baby plans, Imran is furious to realise Rana knows nothing about it and Rita finally gathers the courage to sack Cathy.


Leanne thanks Shona for playing cupid but is worried that Carla has overheard her discussion. Toyah and Imran enjoy an afternoon together in the empty flat but are then suddenly interrupted by Leanne and Nick meaning Imran has no choice but to hide on the balcony while Toyah locks herself in the bathroom.

Meanwhile tensions run high between Evelyn and Fiz over Hope causing Fiz to stress. Tyrone and Evelyn are preparing dinner when Hope bites Ruby, making Fiz finally accept that Hope needs help. Fiz then announces she is going to move to Birmingham with her so she can attend the special school until she is better.


Sinead masks her guilt as Daniel thanks Steff for helping her cope through chemotherapy. But when Daniel thanks Carla for funding Sinead's therapies, Sinead grows suspicious and her interest is piqued when she sees Ken secretly handing Carla a pile of cash. But all is momentarily forgotten when Daniel and Sinead excitedly return from their scan.

Elsewhere Carla is furious with Nick when he undermines her in front of a client and in a bid to encourage Amy to ditch the contract, Tracy devises a plan for her and Steve to set her up on a date with Aadi, but will their sneaky plan work?


Nick announces to Leanne that he's going to sell his share of the factory so that Elsa is out of his life for good. Sarah catches Carla and Elsa reading Nick's diary and assumes his dinner date is with Leanne and prepares to make a surprise appearance while he is in Speed Daal.

Saying their goodbyes, Evelyn offers Fiz some words of comfort and Fiz begins to warm to her, as she suggests she stays to keep an eye on Tyrone. Tyrone, Ruby, Chesney, Evelyn and Kirk say an emotional farewell to Fiz and Hope. Meanwhile Sinead interrogates Ken about the wad of cash he gave to Carla and he admits he's been funding her therapy, Sinead then shows Ken the scan photo of his grandchild.


Later, Daniel feels the baby kick for the first time and tells Sinead he is the happiest man alive. Elsewhere Steve and Tracy conduct their secret plan and take Amy for dinner at the Bistro however it all goes wrong when Dev explains Aadi refuses to go on a date with Amy.


Sinead begins to feel that her web of lies is getting out of control when Daniel offers to attend a chemo appointment with her. When he calls at the factory to collect her, she loses her temper with him and leaves alone. Billy then bumps in to her and she asks if they can go somewhere to pray together, so he takes her to the flower shop flat. Feeling guilty about her lying, Sinead confesses to a shocked Billy that she has not been attending her chemotherapy sessions.

Meanwhile Nick and Carla argue with one another and fail to notice Jo, the new client, enter the office. Unimpressed with their behaviour, Jo threatens to take her order elsewhere. Later, Nick meets up with Elsa and makes an agreement to pay her back as long as Leanne's name is not mentioned in the divorce proceedings.


Elsewhere Seb finds an envelope filled with cash in Eileen's cupboard with Eileen realising that the large sum of money must be the result of one of Phelan's dodgy deals. Brian runs his latest idea for the nativity past Cathy but she suggests that Phil is putting him under too much pressure.


Sinead is panicked when she discovers that Steff has been rushed into hospital. When Sinead arrives at the hospital Steff's husband shockingly explains that her cancer has spread and she has been given only days to live. Meanwhile Nick and Carla begin to panic, realising that the future of the factory depends on Jo's large order, but can they complete it in time?


Later, Eileen wonders what to do with the £5k she discovered and when Liz and Sean suggest she could go on a holiday, Eileen agrees to go on condition they go away with her, much to Sean and Liz's delight.

Elsewhere Nick tells Leanne about his meeting with Elsa and how he has to try to find 40k and Brian reveals that on top of the school play, Phil has ordered him to do even more work which Cathy resolves by giving Phil a piece of her mind causing Brian to snap at her, convinced that he can cope with the pressure.

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