Bev Callard hints at Coronation Street character’s shock return

Guess who might be returning to Weatherfield?

Beverley Callard, who plays Liz on Coronation Street, has sensationally revealed that her on-and-off love interest, Jim, could well be making a return to the popular ITV soap. Speaking about the future of their relationship after he broke her heart by trying to con her by making her believe that their dead daughter was still alive, Bev revealed that she believes they will resume their relationship. "I don’t think they are finished forever," she explained. "I honestly don’t think they are because I think the way Charlie [Charles Lawson] and I played it towards the very end, they were coming together again before it was discovered. He played it with a sense of remorse and that he really did love Liz and so I think - and I really hope - that they will try and bring him back."

Bev opened up about the future of her character

She jokingly added that their storyline might be similar to What Happened to Baby Jane?, saying: "There was a rumour, I don’t know if it’s true though, it was a rumour upstairs someone told me, up on the top floor where all the powers that be are, that he comes back in a wheelchair and that Liz treats him like Bette Davis,‘Come and get your din-dins, Jim’. I thought, 'Yes, I love this! I would love that, serving him a budgie for his dinner, that would be great though, wouldn’t it?'"

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Bev also opened up about Liz's relationship with Johnny, and that she doesn't think her character would ever want to be with him. "I think she lacks a bit of respect for him," the actress explained. "I really feel that, in the scenes we’ve just been filming in the last few weeks, I think she’s realised that... he needs to man up a bit, and I think Liz thinks he never will and he’s a bit shifty, the way he does things... She loves the fact Jim is hot headed and thinks about something and then acts with his fists and sort of pays the price afterwards, but I think she would prefer that to someone who is a little bit sly and manipulative."

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