Line of Duty season five is going to be VERY different

Line of Duty will have a totally different format for its upcoming season, find out why

Line of Duty fans only need to be patient for a little while longer as season five of the hit crime procedural drama will be out later this year! However, the show's creator Jed Mercurio has hinted that this series will be very different for one very particular reason. Although Stephen Graham has already been revealed as the guest star of the series, the show will focus on a larger group of organised crime rather than just one corrupt police officer, as it has done in previous series.

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Chatting to Pilot magazine, Jed explained: "That is the fresh ground that we break in the series. That we've had these shadowy figures, 'the Balaclava Men', who are part of an organised crime group and have featured on and off all through the previous four seasons. But we've never really gone behind the mask and identified them as proper characters and found out about them."

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He continued: "That was something that we felt was overdue and so in this season, rather than the customary approach, which is we present a police officer who is involved in a case, and that for whatever reasons there are allegations of corruption which AC-12 investigate, we are looking at this organised crime group who clearly, it's been established in the past, function to a certain extent through relationships with corrupt police officers." So when will the show be back on our screens? According to Martin Compston, who plays Steve Arnott in the show, fans won't have to wait much longer! Chatting on Lorraine back in 2018 , he said: "I think [it will be released] around about April, probably… We've just finished [filming] then we hand it over to the BBC scheduling gods, but I think April is the sort of time to put it on." The latest teaser for the show also hinted that it was "coming soon". 

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