Hollyoaks star placed in coma after collapsing at wheel of his car

He was brought out of the coma on Thursday and has spoken about the terrifying experience

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Andy Newton Lee, who played Robbie Flynn in Hollyoaks, was placed in a coma on late May after collapsing at the wheel of his car in LA. The 38-year-old actor was reportedly spotted by a passerby, and was taken to hospital, where he was diagnosed with pneumonia and placed in a medical coma.


Andy was placed in a coma

The star was brought of the coma on Thursday, and opened up to Hull Live about the terrifying ordeal, explaining: "I'd just been sleeping next to the ocean in my car, it's nice, it's like being at the Humber Bridge, my dad used to do it. I've been really run down and stressed for a bit with my business. I've had a cold and the flu but I thought I was just run down. "I've done marathons, going to yoga and the gym, flying back to London every second week and burning the candle at both ends. I woke up yesterday morning and felt very erratic but I'm much better today. The care here has been amazing and I feel very lucky. It's definitely a wakeup call to anyone who has respiratory problems."


Andy opened up about his experience

Andy's illness sadly meant that he missed the funeral of his friend of 15 years, Melissa Ede. Melissa was a lottery winner and was best known for championing LGBT rights in Hull. Andy previously paid tribute to her on Instagram, writing: "Goodnight my darling Mel. I hope you finally get the inner peace you so rightly deserve after your rollercoaster journey. From being Hull's favourite YouTube sensation transsexual taxi driver with very little, to your 4 million lottery win and your new family, I feel privileged to have been your friend and known the real you for over 15 years both through the darkness and light."