This Country star pays touching tribute to cast mate Michael Sleggs

Michael was just 33

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This Country star Charlie Cooper has paid a touching tribute to his fellow cast mate Michael Sleggs, who tragically passed away on Wednesday morning after suffering heart failure. The actor, 33, played Slugs in the hit BBC Three show. Speaking about his loss on Twitter, Charlie wrote: "We are completely heartbroken. Michael was utterly unique. He was kind, he was caring, he was loving. One of the most considerate generous and gentle friends you could ever wish for and funny – [expletive] me he was funny."


Charlie paid tribute to Michael

He continued: "Despite everything that Michael had been through in his life, he was never bitter or self pitying. He just brought pure joy to everything and everyone. Just being in his company made you happy to be alive. One of Michael’s favourite films was the Muppet Christmas Carol and he would always joke that he was Tiny Tim so it only seems fitting to quote Kermit the frog. 'It's all right, children. Life is made up of meetings and partings. That is the way of it. I am sure that we shall never forget Tiny Tim, or this first parting that there was among us.' Michael you will be so so missed."


Michael passed away on Tuesday

Michael passed away after suffering heart failure, which was part of a long history of heart complications. He had previously told fans that he didn't have long to live back in May, writing on Facebook: "This last time it was decided I was reaching the end of options so they've sent me home on palliative care to live out the remainder of my days at home. No specific time limit has been given but deterioration has been fairly rapid… I don't know how long this turn around will last but I'll try and keep alive as long as I can."