ICW World Heavyweight Champion Adrian McCallum dies aged 36

His friends and fans took to social media to pay tribute

Emmy Griffiths

Wrestler Adrian McCallum has tragically passed away aged 36, it has been confirmed. The sad news about the wrestler, who was also known as 'Lionheart', was confirmed on the Insane Championship Wrestling's (ICW) official Facebook page on Wednesday night. They wrote: "We are heartbroken to learn of the tragic death of ICW World Heavyweight Champion, Adrian ‘Lionheart’ McCallum. Adrian was a mainstay of ICW and British professional wrestling. Most importantly, he was our friend. His passing leaves a huge hole in the lives of those who knew him."


Adrian passed away on Thursday

Adrian was a popular wrestler, and has appeared on shows including TNA and WWE. The cause of death is as of yet unknown. His friends and fans took to social media to pay tribute to him, with one writing: "Breaks my heart. RIP my friend. You were always so wonderful to me and I’ll be forever grateful that I knew you. Give Trav a big hug from me." Another person wrote: "I cannot believe. I'm just shocked. He was a great wrestler, a great storyteller. I met him once last summer at Shug's. A simple smile, shaking hands: it was enough for me because I was happy meeting him for the first time. Farewell Adrian."

The longest-reigning WWE champion Pete Dunne also posted a message in honour of Lionheart, writing: "I always looked up to Lionheart's professional approach to wrestling when it was far from that at the time. People like him were pivotal in the growth of a scene that has lead to so many people being able to do this for a living."