Orlando Bloom opens up about change in acting career

The actor spoke to HELLO! on the red carpet

Orlando Bloom stepped out on the red carpet on Wednesday night to attend the London premiere of his new TV show, Carnival Row. And while talking to HELLO! about the highlights of working on the programme, the award-winning actor - who has starred in films including Pirates of the Caribbean and The Lord of the Rings - opened up about what he had learnt from his first time working in a TV space. He said: "What I have learnt from my first time working in a TV space is that shows find their feet and we have navigated that quite well." In the show, Orlando plays the character of Rycroft Philostrate - a human detective - who has a dangerous affair with a refugee faerie named Vignette Stonemoss, played by Cara Delevingne.

Orlando Bloom has spoken about his career change from film to TV

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He added of the show: "I think the opportunity to be a part of a show that leans into a very interesting social commentary that we are living through today. There is no original IP to this show, it's just the original brain child of our show's creator Travis Beacham and I think that liberates it and unpacks it and addresses things that are relevant and important in the world today and things that sometimes people don't want to talk about like fear, the idea that terror is surrounding and that's opposed on us really by power. With fantasy there is also a great love story and a great detective drama within it."

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The actor stars alongside Cara Delevingne in the new TV show

And while TV is new to Orlando, he was far more familiar with the fantasy genre of the show. Talking at a Q&A after the premiere, he explained: "I sort of was a little bit familiar with that [genre] but I really honestly felt like I'd never seen anything like this before." He continued: "I was intrigued by firelight this man who was born an orphan raised in an orphanage then served in the military and went on to be a police detective and I thought about you know being raised in institutions and what that would do to the psyche of a man."

The star endured freezing cold temperatures during filming around Europe in locations including Berlin and Prague. And sweetly, he was even visited on set by his fiancée Katy Perry. Actor Ariyon Bakara opened up about working with Orlando while talking to HELLO!, and joked that when Katy came to viist, he just wanted to sing. He said: "Yes she did [go on set]. I was excited. I wanted to sing. I just thought I would have an audition - but I didn't!" He added: "I worked most my scenes with Orlando, I have known him for some time and he is a real professional to work with. We are great friends, we have great fun, so our relationship was quite easy to recreate onscreen."

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