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New Netflix original film 'In the Tall Grass' leaves viewers seriously confused

Did your brain hurt after watching this new Netflix original film?

tall grass
Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Are you always looking for something new to watch on Netflix? A brand new film released on the streaming service, In the Tall Grass, was released on Friday – and has left early viewers seriously confused. The horror film was adapted from a novella by Stephen King and his son, fellow writer Joe Hill, and follows a brother and sister who enter a vast field of tall grass after hearing a young boy's cries for help, only to find themselves trapped in there with no escape.

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The new film had people scratching their heads

In the film, the brother and sister struggle to reunite with each other in the tall grass, with their voices coming from different directions and from further and further away, as they both encounter a mysterious young boy, Tobin, and his father Ross (incidentally played by the king of horror, Patrick Wilson). Fans were quick to discuss the film, which covers everything from mysterious spirits, an all-knowing rock and time travel.

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What did you think of the film?

One person wrote: "[What] did I just see. Couldn't understand even a single scene from the movie. In the tall grass is stupid, confusing and exhaustive. Someone please give me the last two hours of my life back." Another person added: "Can someone please explain to me what I just watched??? #InTheTallGrass. Was the boy real? Was anything real? Wtf was that??? I have lost my #Netflix privileges for picking this show."

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The new Netflix film is a Stephen King and Joe Hill adaptation

However, some people loved the peculiar film, with one writing: "Watched #InTheTallGrass last night. It was a total mind [expletive] - paradoxes, time loops, and ancient societies - OH MY! Acting was stellar. Some dark moments one specific eating scene sticks with me - How many of us stay in destructive cycles because we think we can fix it?" A third person wrote: "Well according to everybody else the movie was awful, but I was genuinely so scared watching #InTheTallGrass on Netflix. I almost had a full on anxiety attack." What did you think?