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All the events that we can expect to see in The Crown season three

All hail the Queen

the crown olvia colman
Aisha Nozari
Online Writer
7 November 2019
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beatles © Photo: Getty Images

The third season of The Crown will be released on Netflix on 17 November, and needless to say we're jittering with excitement. The only downside? We've still got a few days to go until we can binge the latest installment of the hit drama. To bide some time we've compiled a handy guide to all of the events that you can expect to see unfold when Olivia Colman takes on the role of Queen Elizabeth II. The timeline of The Crown season three is said to span 1963-1977, so there's plenty to keep you busy until November rolls around. Take a scroll through some of the biggest events of the time… 

The Beatles' rise to fame

The Beatles rocketed to stardom throughout the 60s and 70s, and their stratospheric ascent wasn't unnoticed by the Queen. In fact, she had a front-row performance to their 1963 slot at the Royal Variety Performance. John Lennon gently poked fun at all the smart jewellery on display, and the Queen was seen chuckling on camera.

aberfan © Photo: Netflix

The Aberfan disaster 1966

On 21 October 1966 disaster struck the small mining village of Aberfan in Wales, killing 116 children and 28 adults. Queen Elizabeth II didn't visit the site of the accident until eight days after it took place, a decision she later said was her "biggest regret". We’ve already seen set pictures of them filming the Aberfan scenes, and we can't wait to see those come to life.

world cup © Photo: Getty Images

England wins the World Cup

Three lions on the shirt! Yes, of course 1966 was the year that the England football team won the tournament, and it was the Queen herself that presented team captain Bobby Moore with the trophy. Best of all she was decked out in a fetching canary-yellow outfit, complete with a feathered hat!

moon © Photo: Getty Images

The Moon landings

It's been more than 50 years since astronaut Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon. Season 3 of The Crown will dedicate an entire episode to the moon landings, focusing on then 48-year-old Prince Philip and his reaction to this momentous achievement in July 1969.

prince chalres coro © Photo: Getty Images

Prince Charles' coronation 

The new season of The Crown will also cover Prince Charles' coronation as the Prince of Wales in 1969. It wasn't until after this crowning that Charles really moved into the public eye, so we'll no doubt see this transition explored on screen as well as his stint at Cambridge University. 

camilla © Photo: Getty Images

We'll be introduced to Camilla 

Charles famously met Camilla for the first time at a polo match in 1971 and their early romance will definitely be featuring in The Crown's new season. Speaking at a BFI film event way back in 2017, show producer Suzanne Mackie revealed that the Duchess will definitely be popping up in season three.

quen france © Photo: Getty Images

The Queen's 1972 state visit to France

In May that year Queen Elizabeth embarked on a visit to France. On her final day there the Queen sailed down the River Seine in the royal yacht Britannia, which all sounds very glamourous. During her time across the channel she was also pictured riding through Paris in an open car with President Pompidou. 

princess anne marriage © Photo: Getty Images

Princess Anne gets married 

Sound the wedding bells! Princess Anne married Mark Phillips in a beautiful ceremony at Westminster Abbey on 14 November 1973 (the same day as her brother Charles' 25th birthday!) and we can't wait to see how the Queen helped her only daughter prepare for the big day. The dress was beautiful! 

wallis imp  © Photo: Getty Images

Wallis Simpson stays at Buckingham Palace

In 1936 Edward VIII threw the monarchy into disarray when he absconded and married a divorced socialite from America. They pair remained married until his death 35 years later, when his funeral was held at Buckingham Palace. Simpson spent the night before the funeral at the palace, but not everyone was happy about it…

olumpics © Photo: Netflix

Montreal Olympics 1976

Not only did the Queen open the very first Olympics to take place on Canadian soil, but her daughter Princess Anne competed in the equestrian events. But perhaps most famously of all, she took to the spectator stands in a beautiful bubble gum-pink outfit that we'd love to see recreated for the Netflix show.

silver jub © Photo: Netflix

The Queen celebrates her silver jubilee 

An occasion quite literally made for TV, Queen Elizabeth II marked the 25th anniversary of her accession to the throne in 1977, but it was on the Queen's birthday in June that the Jubilee celebrations really kicked off that year. We can't wait to see Olivia Colman decked out for the occasion! 

snowden divorced  aq© Photo: Netflix

The demise of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon's marriage

From 1967 onwards their marriage became notoriously rift-ridden, and by 1978 they were divorced after nearly 20 years of marriage. It's no surprise, then, that one of the historian's working on The Crown recently told Harper's Bazaar that we can expect to see all of this unfold in the new season. Better buckle up!

marg that © Photo: Getty Images

Margaret Thatcher's appointment as Prime Minister

Of course, the end of the decade was marked by Britain's first female Prime Minister taking office in 1979, which was a momentous moment in history. In our opinion, we think this would make for an enthralling season three finale, and rumour has it Gillian Anderson will be portraying the Iron Lady. Can you IMAGINE? 

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