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Where are Marcus and Alex Lewis from Netflix's Tell Me Who I Am now?

The twins are now co-owners of a hotel

tell me who am
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Netflix's new documentary, Tell Me Who I Am, has become a huge topic of discussion on social media as it looks at the relationship between twin brothers, Marcus and Alex Lewis, and a secret kept for decades that threatens to tear them apart. The documentary details how Alex almost entirely lost his memory following a motorbike accident aged 18, and relied on his brother Marcus, the only person he actually remembered, to fill him in on his life.

Tell Me Who I Am | Official Trailer | Netflix

Marcus ended up telling Alex about their perfect childhood and their great relationships with their parents, all the while hiding the terrible truth that they were both sexually abused by their mother as children. In the documentary, he said: "I painted a picture of a normal family. But none of that was true. It was a fantasy that I was creating for him." The pair agreed to do the documentary to raise awareness on the difficult subject, and encourage more people to come forward and speak about their experiences.

The pair have both appeared on This Morning to discuss the Netflix documentary, and revealed that they are both happily married with children of their own. Alex said: "We are both married, we both have children. You can move forward. These harrowing things can happen to you, but we've all got the opportunity to put that aside and live our lives." The pair are also the owners of the Fundu Lagoon boutique hotel on the African island of Pemba.

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tell me brothers

The twins opened up about their lives in the new documentary

Speaking about the aftermath of the documentary, Alex told Decider: "We've achieved closure beyond anything I could have imagined with each other by making this movie. That's an incredible gift the film has given us… We've done this movie in conjunction with NAPAC, which is the National Association for People Abused in Childhood. They helped us through the reaction we're getting from the public and how to talk to our kids. They're gearing their websites up. They're getting ready for the movie. There's going to be a lot of people to help."

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alex marcus 1

The brothers opened up about why they did the documentary

Marcus added: "We want it to be a conversation that's not taboo. Maybe you discuss this movie at a dinner party, and a friend tells you, 'You know, I was abused as a kid'. I think that would be an amazing thing. People shouldn’t be ashamed of what happened in their past, it’s not their fault."

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