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His Dark Materials fans furious after Sunday night's episode - find out why

Have you been enjoying season one of the show so far?

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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His Dark Materials fans were outraged during Sunday night's episode of the popular fantasy drama after the show started late thanks to the Sports Personality of the Year Awards. BBC One had recently changed their schedule so that the show, which previously aired at 8pm, was due to start at 9pm instead, then way delayed once again after the award ceremony overran.

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Fans praised the episode's CGI

Taking to Twitter to discuss their annoyance at the long wait, one person wrote: "It is 9:08 and #HisDarkMaterials still isn’t on. Go away P.E class, it’s time for English class. #nerdlife." Another added: "The only thing worse than #HisDarkMaterials starting late is that I'm accidentally learning about sports in the meantime." A third person tweeted: "We look forward to #HisDarkMaterials every week! What the [expletive] BBC??? You’re making my kids late for bed with this sporting crap. Wind it up!"

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his dark materials asriel

The episode also marked the return of Lord Asriel

Despite the late start, viewers loved the episode, which saw Lyra's protector Iorek Byrnison reclaim his place at the king of the bears after a fight with his usurper, Iofer. Speaking about the impressive CGI, one person wrote: "Props to the CGI team who did the bear fight in #hisdarkmaterials it looks amazing." Another fan joked about the budget surrounding the special effects, tweeting: "'So, during episode seven Pan is hiding in Lyra's jacket for most of the time due to actual plot reasons!' *Accountant heaves a sigh of relief* 'That reason is he has to hide from a dozen bears and two of them are fighting.' *Accountant starts to cry*." The season one finale will air on Sunday 22 December, while season two has already been confirmed. We can't wait to see what adventures Lyra will have next!

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