Ashley Banjo discusses backstage drama on Dancing on Ice following Caprice controversy

The model inexplicably 'parted ways' with Hamish Gaman earlier in the series

Gemma Strong

Dancing on Ice judge Ashley Banjo has opened up about the drama surrounding the 2020 series, conceding that there has been "a lot of controversy" so far. Earlier this month, Caprice stunned viewers when she inexplicably parted ways with her skating partner Hamish Gaman, with no official reason given. The 48-year-old model is now partnered up with Oscar Peter, while Hamish is still taking part in the group performances. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Ashley was asked for some backstage gossip as he attended the 2020 National Television Awards on Tuesday night.


Caprice inexplicably parted ways with her first DOI partner, Hamish Gaman

"Yes, a lot of controversy! We love a bit of controversy, don't we!" he told the Mirror Online. "This year it feels like everyone's being controversial." Asked how the atmosphere is backstage on the show, he replied: "To be honest, backstage has always been gossipy, there's a lot of people, a lot of controversy, a lot of stories. So I would be lying if I said that you didn't turn up and people are like, 'Have you heard, have you heard?' It's a bubbling show and I think that reflects on why people watch it and seem to love it."

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Caprice takes to the rink with her new Dancing on Ice partner

Ashley's comments come days after former DOI winner James Jordan shared his thoughts on the ongoing drama. "As you all know I never put my opinions on Twitter and always shy away from controversy," the 41-year-old joked. "However, I'd just like to say I spent five months working around Hamish from DOI last year, and he's a wonderful hard working guy who is lovely. Take from that what you will. #DancingOnIce." James's pregnant wife Ola Jordan was among those to comment on his post, sharing a GIF showing Will from Will and Grace 'stirring the pot'.

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