Love Island: The most dramatic Casa Amor moments through the years

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Francesca Shillcock

It's arguably the best bit of Love Island. Each series, either the boys or the girls sneakily disappear and set up camp in villa number two to commence all the drama that is: Casa Amor. Although the twist wasn't introduced until the third series in 2017, the fan-favourite tradition of the show has provided gold-standard entertainment in the form of plenty of dramatic moments, tears and tantrums. This year, after a few days of turning heads, competitive games and plenty of "chats", the residents of Casa Amor are set to return to the main villa – but something tells us not all of them are returning alone. If you can't wait until THAT reunion episode, then fear not as we've done some reminiscing and rounded up the most iconic Casa Amor moments of series gone by. Grab the popcorn…

The video that Dani did NOT want to see – season 4

Dani Dyer joined Love Island in 2018 and formed an instant connection with Jack Fincham. The couple soon became the favourite and even went on to win the show, but it wasn't all smooth sailing. When the boys snuck out to Casa Amor, the producers decided to send a video of the new girls arriving. But, if that wasn't bad enough, it was Dani that bore the brunt of it as the video included a clip of Jack saying: "Oh my god that's my ex."



Safe to say, Dani did not handle it way, and spent the rest of the time feeling on edge. In fact, the video didn't seem to go down well with viewers either. Many took to social media to slam producers of the show for the "cruel" video and Ofcom received over 2,500 complaints on behalf of Dani. But it all turned out fine, as Jack stayed true to his word and the couple went on to become series winners.

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Michael and Amber's "CHALDISH" argument – season 5

Despite Amber Gill deciding to ignore the boys that joined them in Casa Amor, Michael Griffiths cracked on with new girl Joanna who entered the villa. When it was time to stick or twist, Michael shocked all of the Islanders when he decided to re-couple with Joanna.


Amber strutted into the villa single, ready to reclaim her man, but her smile soon dropped upon seeing Michael stood with Jordan. Awkward… It unsurprisingly lead to a heated argument, reducing Amber to tears as the nation's hearts broke for her. She made sure to have the last laugh however, by going on to win the show.

Amber and Kem's break up – season 3

In 2017, Amber and Kem were instantly a favourite couple and were tipped to win early on. But after finding out that Kem had been cracking on with Chyna in Casa Amor, Amber decided to take matters into her own hands and recouple as well. However, neither couple lasted, as Kem and Amber realised they were better together and went on to become the series three champions. Cute!

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Georgia's "loyal" moment – season 4

It was the moment we all realised that Georgia was DEFINITELY loyal and she wanted everyone to know it. But, unfortunately for her, Josh was not. After seeing Josh walk in from Casa Amor with new girl Kaz, Georgia was sufficiently shocked and mouthed to him: "How could you do that to me?" Ouch.



Curtis' brutal telling off – season 5

Curtis' head was turned in Casa Amor much to the shock of EVERYONE. His fellow Islanders and viewers at home could hardly believe their eyes when the brother of Strictly star AJ Pritchard said his head was more leaning towards Jourdan. In a VERY awkward moment, Curtis realised the feelings weren't reciprocated, but he couldn't dig himself out of the hole. He chose to recouple with a very relieved Amy, who was at the time none the wiser, but a storm was brewing.


Eventually Curtis had to come clean, and who could forget Amy's "I was coming back here to tell you that I loved you" line? The professional ballroom dancer eventually went on to find love with Maura, who was on Amy's side at the time, and the two remain a couple to this day. What new dramatic moments will happen when the Islanders are reunited this year? We can't wait!

Love Island continues on Thursday at 9pm on ITV2

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