Jeremy Clarkson reveals whether he knew the £1million answer on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? 

Andrew Townsley took home £500,000 after being unsure of the final question

Jeremy Clarkson has revealed whether he knew the £1million answer on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? after contestant Andrew Townsley made it to the final question on the hugely popular ITV show. With £1million up for grabs, the final question was about motorsport, and after his 'Phone a Friend' choice was unsure, Andrew took home £500,000. 

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WATCH: Andrew takes home £500,000

Jeremy has since revealed that he did indeed know the answer to the final question, and was frustrated that Andrew couldn't use his 'Ask the Host' lifeline as he had already used it up on a different question. Replying to a viewer on Twitter who asked: "Did you know the TT question?" Jeremy replied: "I bloody did. I wish he’d phoned a friend for Table Mountain." Viewers were full of praise for Andrew, a retired GP, who was just shy of being a £1million winner on the show for the first time in 14 years.

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Jeremy admitted that he did know the answer

One person tweeted: "I wonder if one of his phone a friends would have known the table mountain question? It's an evil twist that the man opposite him is an expert on the million-pound question. I've never wanted someone to win so badly before. An absolute gent," while another person wrote: "Andrew should be so proud. What a performance near enough played the game to perfection and the fact he guessed the right answer... I was I  awe watching him. That's one of the very best. Plus I think Clarkson is great as the host. Great episode."

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A third person added: "That guy who just won half a million quid on #WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire was brilliant. They've done a great job of revamping that show. The Ask The Host lifeline adds a great new twist. Clarkson also very good."