Dan Stevens

Downton Abbey star Dan Stevens shares glimpse of three children in sweet snap 

The Beauty and the Beast actor shared the photo in honour of Father's Day 

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Dan Stevens shares three children, 11-year-old Willow, eight-year-old Aubrey and Eden, four, with his wife, Susie Hariet. However, since the Downton Abbey star keeps his personal life very private, he very rarely posts about the three youngsters. 

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That being said, the star broke his usual rule in honour of Father's Day, and shared a teensy glimpse of his daughters in a sweet snap of all on his, writing: "Happy Fathers Day." Fans were quick to wish the proud father a good day, with one writing: "Happy Father’s Day to a great Dad of three lucky children," while another added: "Happy Fathers Day Dan! I hope you are having a blessed day." 


Dan celebrated Father's Day with his three daughters

Dan has previously opened up about his family life, telling The Telegraph: "I’m lucky to be married to someone who entirely gets what I do. She is totally sympathetic to the actor’s life. Her own mother was an actress, so she sort of grew up with it. She has absolutely no concept of the British class system and, after ten years here she’s still trying to work it out." 

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Dan and his wife Susie tied the knot in 2009

Downton fans have been enjoying the show, which is currently being repeated on ITV3, just a few months after the film adaption was released in 2019. Viewers are keen for a sequel to the movie, and Jim Carter, who played the butler Carson in the show and film, previously said how much he'd like there to be another one on This Morning, explaining: "I think there's plenty of room for more. I'll be at the front door and I'll even let you in! There's potential there and I think we would be very happy to do it, if everyone enjoys the first one."