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Alison Hammond supported by fans after guest's hurtful comments

The This Morning presenter is beloved by viewers!

Diane Shipley

Alison Hammond defended herself on Wednesday's episode of This Morning, and many viewers were on her side, taking to Twitter to express their support for the popular presenter.

The debate began when fitness instructor Samantha Yardly appeared on the show via video link and shared her opinion that overweight people are "lazy" and that life should be made difficult for them.

Ruth Langsford and Eamonn Holmes, who often front the show during the school holidays, introduced Samantha, with Ruth saying: "We are going to be talking to a woman, she is a fitness instructor who says she will refuse to work with somebody because of their weight."

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Eamonn asked his wife and co-host: "What? So she wouldn't work with me?" Ruth responded: "Well I don’t know, 'cause I don’t know her criteria yet."

When the camera panned to Alison, who is a regular on the show, the 45-year-old, who is a WW ambassador, chimed in: "So what’s she saying, because I’m big she doesn’t want to work with me? I’m not being funny, come and train me babes, let’s have a laugh, we’ll have fun and I’m not lazy, I'm up for it. I'll probably run rings around you! Come and train me, I’m up for it, how about that?"

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Alison is a much-loved member of the show 

Samantha didn't address Alison's invitation, but fans soon shared their support for the former Big Brother star on social media. One tweet read: "Just wanted to say as far as I can see, Alison is a hard-working and very funny person who brings a smile to the nation... she most certainly isn't lazy… on the contrary!"

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Other supportive messages said: "Alison Hammond's a perfect example of beauty, shining and radiating inside & out," "Well said Alison, there is an all too common perception that overweight people are lazy, weight has nothing to do with being lazy," and: "We love you Alison just the way you are."

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