Viewers in tears over Carl's heartbreaking story in Des finale

Did you enjoy the true-crime drama? 

Viewers took to Twitter to discuss the finale of David Tennant's hugely popular series Deswhich looks at the trial of the notorious serial killer, Dennis Nilsen. 

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Fans were full of praise for the show, and many admitted heartbreak at watching the way Carl, a victim of the serial killer who managed to survive his attack, was treated. 

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One person wrote: "Carl’s story is absolutely heartbreaking and has been the most emotional part working on #Des. The lack of support, the abuse, the homophobia, he never recovered from the attack. He died in 2013. He was only 52. All terrible sad. He is brilliantly played by @lauriekynaston." 

Fans were heartbroken over how Carl was treated

Another person added: "I feel so bad for Carl Stotter, I've seen him on Nilsen documentaries since and he is rightfully so damaged bless him." A third person tweeted: "Having seen the documentary with the real Carl talking about what happened to him, that scene was so upsetting to watch. The poor victims of this evil vile creature." 

Others praised his bravery, with one posting: "Carl Stotter is one of the bravest men. I’ve watched a few interviews and his experience and trauma is heartbreaking." 

Carl survived Dennis Nilsen's attack and testified against him in court

In the show, Carl is questioned during Dennis' trial, after Dennis attempted to drown him in a bath but changed his mind, drying him before letting him go. Back in 2010, Carl told The Angus that he was angry that Dennis was receiving financial aid in prison, saying: "This happened to be 29 years ago and I never forgot it. I feel really angry, but this is not just about me. It is about all the people he killed too. 

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"There is less help for victims than killers. I have not received a penny of help from anyone. I was the only one of his victims left to be able to seek compensation and I got nothing."

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