The Bachelor stars' Instagrams: Matt James, Abigail Heringer and more!

You've seen them on TV, now follow them on social media 

We are loving The Bachelor season 25 so far, and while we're sure that our favourite singletons won't be revealing whether they were the ones to win bachelor Matt James' heart just yet, we'd love to know what they have been up to since the show! Find out all the information about the cast's Instagram accounts here... 

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Matt James

Follow the eligible bachelor himself @mattjames919. 


A post shared by Matt James (@mattjames919)

Kaili Anderson

Follow amateur runner and cookie connoisseur contestant Kaili @certifiedkaili


Illeana Pennetto

Follow the New York City-based model @illeanapennetto.

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    Jessenia Cruz

    Jessenia's bio reads: "When joy is a habit, love is a reflex," and you can follow her @calypsocruz. 


    A post shared by Jessenia (@calypsocruz)

    Abigail Heringer

    First rose Abigail, as we like to call her, can be found @abigail_heringer. 

    Alana Milne 

    Alana's bio reads: "Comparison is the thief of joy." Follow her @alanaaanne.

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    Bri Springs

    Bri already has over 15,000 followers and can be found posting at @brisprings! 


    A post shared by Bri Springs (@brisprings)

    Khaylah Epps

    Fancy joining Khaylah's 8,000 followers on Instagram? Find her @spperk. 

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    A post shared by Khaylah Epps (@spperk)

    Mari Pepin

    Join Mari's 20,000 followers and see what she has been up to lately @mari_pepin! 

    Chelsea Vaughn

    Chelsea, or, as her bio reads: "I don’t think you’re ready, for this Chelly," can be found posting @chelseavaughn_. 


    A post shared by Chelsea Vaughn (@chelseavaughn_)

    Kit Keenan

    Kit is a student, designer, small business owner and the co-host of Ageless podcast. Check out what she's been up to @kitkeenan. 

    Magi Tareke

    Magi is a model and the founder of MSYShoes, which, according the charity's bio is "a nonprofit organisation that provides shoes to underprivileged girls in the developing countries who walk barefoot to school". 


    A post shared by Mearg Tareke (@magitareke)

    Kristin Hopkins

    This New York City-based attorney can be found posting @kristin_bria. 

    Marylynn Sienna

    Marylynn has already opened up about being on the show, writing: "Thank you so much to everyone who’s tuned in to our first episode! Thank you for the all support and messages!" Find out what else she's been up to on Instagram @marylynnsienna. 

    MJ Snyder

    Hairstylist MJ can be found posting to her 14.8k followers @m.j.snyder.

    Pieper James

    Model Pieper can be found posting @pieper_james.


    A post shared by Pieper James (@pieper_james)

    Sarah Trott

    Journalist and podcast host Sarah is very into wellness and empowerment, according to her bio, and can be found at @thesarahtrott. 

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