Call Your Mother: Meet the cast of Kyra Sedgwick's new sitcom

In need of some wholesome TV? Look no further

Eve Crosbie

Have you been watching new comedy Call Your Mother? The ABC series premiered last week and looks like exactly the kind of wholesome television viewing we need right now.

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The series follows empty nest mother Jean who decides to fly across the country to check on her son after not hearing from him for four days. What starts as a spur-of-the-moment trip turns into the chance for Jean to start her life again.

The cast of the show is made up of faces both familiar and new, so why not get to know them - and who they play on the show - below!

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Kyra Sedgwick as Jean Raines

Kyra Sedgwick leads the cast as Jean Raines, a retired teacher and widow who decides to reinsert herself into her adult children lives and move cross country from Iowa to California to do so. Kyra is perhaps best known to audiences for playing Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson on the TNT crime drama The Closer.


Kyra Sedgwick as Jean Raines

However, the 55-year-old is also known for her work behind the camera, having directed episodes of Grace & Frankie, Ray Donovan, Brooklyn Nine-Nine as well as many others over the years.

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Talking about her role on the show to Entertainment Weekly, Kyra explained: "[Jean's] a fish-out-of-water in Los Angeles, and she's suddenly confronted with all of LA's eccentricities, including an obsession with youth and beauty."

Joey Bragg as Freddie Raines

Freddie Raines is Jean's 23-year-old son who lives in Los Angeles, working as a video game designer and tester. He is played by actor and stand-up comic Joey Bragg who has had a handful of supporting roles in television comedies since making a name for himself in Disney Channel's Liv and Maddie.


Joey Bragg as Freddie Raines

Rachel Sennott as Jackie Raines

Like her on-screen brother, actress Rachel Sennott made a name for herself performing comedy. In the show, she plays Jean's eldest child Jackie who also lives in LA, but despite living in the same city she and her brother barely speak to each before Jean shows up.


Rachel Sennott as Jackie Raines

Austin Crute as Lane

Lane is Jackie's gay best friend and roommate. You might recognise actor Austin Crute from his breakout role in the 2019 film Booksmart as well as teen dramas Daybreak and Trinkets, where he had supporting roles.


Austin Crute as Lane

Patrick Brammall as Danny

Jean meets therapist Danny when she rents out his Airbnb apartment in the city. While the two almost shared a kiss in episode one, things were left open-ended when Freddie and Jackie walked in and spoiled the moment. Actor Patrick Brammall's television credits include A Moody Christmas Glitch, Offspring and No Activity.


Patrick Brammall as Danny

Emma Caymares as Celia

Celia is Freddie's long-term girlfriend who, fittingly for LA, happens to be a social media influencer. Emma Caymares made a name for herself on Broadway after bagging lead roles in West Side Story, Finding Neverland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - but she's also appeared on the likes of Fosse/Verdon and Law & Order: SVU.


Emma Caymares as Celia

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