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The Drowning: meet the cast of the Channel 5 show 

Have you been watching The Drowning? 

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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We are already very invested in Channel 5's The Drowningwhich sees a grieving mother, Jodie, become increasingly convinced that a teenager boy is actually her long lost son, compelling her to find out the truth of the matter no matter what.

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Ahead of Tuesday's second episode, meet the hugely talented cast here... 

Jill Halfpenny

Jill is perhaps best known for her roles in Liar, Dark Money and Three Girls, and takes centre stage in The Drown as Jodie, a grieving mother who lost her son nine years ago. While rebuilding her life, she catches sight of her son Daniel, now a teenager, and it threatens to up-end the life that she has carefully pieced back together.

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Speaking about her character, she told Channel 5: "Jodie does become somewhat erratic, but her intention becomes clearer. She is so sure of what she is doing and why she is doing it and that Daniel is her son. I can only imagine that if your child went missing and you thought you saw that child again, there is nothing you wouldn’t do in order to get close to them or to get actual proof." 

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Jonas Armstrong

Jonas is best known for playing Robin Hood in the BBC drama of the same name, and has also starred in The Bay and Line of Duty. In the show, he plays Jodie's brother Jason, who is her emotional support while also working as a lawyer on the brink of a big promotion - but there may be more to him than what meets the eye. 

jonas armstrong

Jonas explained: "It’s such a three dimensional part, he’s not just a normal, average Joe character, there is a lot of stuff going on with him and there are so many layers to him so I thought that would be interesting to take on." 

Deborah Findlay

The Torchwood: Children of Earth and Silent Witness actress plays Lynn, Jodie's mother, with whom she has a fractious relationship. Chatting about Jodie and Lynn's strained relationship, Jill explained: "Deborah is so gorgeous and so loveable, funny and enjoyable to be with that it made it rather challenging to have a very tense and quite hateful relationship with each other on screen."

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Rupert Penry-Jones

Whitechapel star Rupert has already starred in Stan Lee's Lucky Man and Silks, and plays Daniel's father Mark, an architect that keeps a tight rein on his emotions and on his son's life. Speaking about the script, he said: "I thought it was such a page-turner and the whole time I was reading it I was expecting a different ending to the one we get… I was very surprised with the ending. 

rupert jones

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"The tension which slowly builds through the script made it a page-turner and I love the character I was asked to play, we thought he was one thing and then he became another. It was just very surprising and original and that’s why I was attracted to it really." 

Cody Molko

The young star plays Daniel, the teenage boy who Jodie becomes determined is actually her missing son. Rupert was full of praise for his work ethic, saying: "Cody is pretty inspiring. He is not your usual teenager who sits there playing video games with every spare minute he has. He plays musical instruments, he writes music, he loves acting and, he has a natural ability. He puts most of us to shame really, he is a very creative and artistic kid and I am sure he has a bright future ahead of him." 

the drowning son

Jade Anouka - Yasmin 

The star plays Jodie's pal Yasmin in the show, and is perhaps best known for her roles in His Dark Materials, Cleaning Up and Small Axe. Speaking about their relationship on the show, Jill said: "Jodie and Yas are really honest with each other and that’s really refreshing to see, that love and honesty between two women. It was a real pleasure to do those scenes and explore the dynamics of their relationship." 

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