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To All the Boys: does Lara Jean end up with Peter? 

Warning, spoiler alert from all three films! 

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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To All the Boys: Always and Forever has finally landed on Netflix, concluding the romantic trilogy based on the bestselling novel series. The film follows Lara Jean Covey, a high school student whose younger sister causes chaos in her life after sending her love letters to all of her crushes. 

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In the second film, Lara Jean is torn between her new love, Peter, and an old flame, John Ambrose - eventually choosing Peter. But how does the story conclude, and do Lara Jean and Peter stay together? Find out here...  

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In the conclusion of the To All the Boys trilogy, Peter and Lara Jean face their biggest challenge yet after Lara Jean finds herself drawn to a college far away from where Peter is going to university, causing plenty of drama between the two as they disagree on the best court of action for their future. 

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The pair break up after prom 

In the new film, Lara Jean and Peter break up after Peter realises that she is "saying goodbye" and thinks that the long-distance element of their relationship won't work out. However, he has a change of heart and, in a throwback back to movie number one, writes them a 'new contract' in her yearbook. 

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The pair reunite with Peter reassuring her that she should go to New York and that he would never want to hold her back, adding: "If we should be together forever, then four years of college really shouldn't be a big deal." The pair agree to the new contract, and the film concludes with Lara Jean arriving at her new college dorm room. 

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But the story has a happy ending!

Fans were quick to discuss the ending, with one writing: "I loved my first at home movie screening! #toalltheboys #alwaysandforever was fantastic and such a great way to end the trilogy! It had perfect emotional notes and was the perfect ending to Lara Jean’s journey into adulthood." Another added: "Thee best ending to #ToAllTheBoys. I was in tears."

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