Death in Paradise star Josephine Jobert left devastated after Tobi Bakare exit

Tobi Bakare has played JP Hooper for seven years on the popular show for seven years

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Joséphine Jobert has revealed that she was devastated after Tobi Bakare left the popular series Death in Paradise in the season ten finale. 

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Chatting to HELLO! in an exclusive Q&A with the cast, the star revealed that she cried by herself in her villa after saying goodbye to Tobi while filming in Guadaloupe, explaining: "I am devastated. I cried so much. We had a - not a wrap party because we weren't allowed to - but a goodbye with the team and when I went home to my villa - you don't know this - but I started crying! 

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WATCH: The Death in Paradise cast talk Tobi's exit from show 

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"Honestly, I started the show with you and I love him so much! Tobi is the best, he's so funny, he's a really good person. I don't want to talk about it, I'm still emotional about this!" 

Ralf Little also admitted that it was a tough time - and that he even asked Tobi not to leave! He explained: "We knew what was happening since we'd read the scripts, but Tobi and I always have a laugh with each other and play football together... we're guys and we're not necessarily given to expressing feelings as openly as perhaps we should... but in the last two or three weeks, we'd have a scene, and I'd be like, 'Don't go.'


Joséphine and Ralf were sad to see Tobi leave

"At first he thought I was joking, then he realised I meant it and said, 'It's a done deal.' But he hasn't had himself killed off so there's still a chance!" 

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Tobi himself opened up about deciding to leave the show, saying: "Who knows what happens in the future but for now, that was the last hurrah. 


Tobi chatted to HELLO! about his exit

"Seven years on the show is a very long time, and it's etched into my life, the way my life has been, but I feel that the show has done a good job in giving JP a good arc and it's naturally gotten to the point where him leaving isn't too wild... we've had Tahj come in and he's done a great job and now he's taking it on and doing what he does - and the show will crack on!" 

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