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Fans are all saying the same thing about new Netflix documentary Seaspiracy

The documentary continues to make waves

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Released two weeks ago, hard-hitting fishing documentary Seaspiracy remains on Netflix's Top Ten with raring reviews - but what do viewers think?

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Taking to Twitter, people around the globe praised the 90-minute documentary for being the eye-opener the world needed to help save the oceans.

One viewer wrote: "It's a brilliant expose of the greatest threat to marine life: fishing." Another added: "Is this the most important documentary of our time? Yes, I truly believe that."

WATCH: The official trailer for hit Netflix documentary Seaspiracy

In an interview, co-director Ali Tabrizi said: "One of the film's ultimate goals is to create a global discussion around the topic of food choice and sustainability, that effects change on a personal, industrial, and governmental level."

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It seems audiences have reacted exactly the way he intended as another Twitter user wrote: "Watched #Seaspiracy last night. Have given up eating fish with immediate effect. Fishing industry responsible for ocean and climate catastrophe and I'd been completely ignorant to it."

seaspiracy poster© Photo: Netflix

Viewers have been sharing their reaction on Twitter

Celebrities also took to social media to show their support for the documentary and encouraged their fans to watch. Stars including Kourtney Kardashian, Kailyn Lowry and Zach Braff posted on Instagram about how eye-opening the documentary was for them. The oldest Kardashian told her 115 million Instagram followers: "Watching Seaspiracy…I haven't eaten meat in a few months at all but was still eating a little fish. But after watching this…"

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Kailyn Lowry and Zach Braff also uploaded the Seaspiracy poster with the captions "Let's talk about it" and "I can't stop thinking about this movie. Watch it. Share it" respectively.

The hit documentary comes seven years after Netflix's Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret which set to uncover the extreme impact of animal agriculture on the environment.

Viewers quickly made a connection between the two documentaries, with one person tweeting: "Make "I only eat fish" "I only eat a little meat" a thing of the past. Watch #Seaspiracy #Cowspiracy."

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