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Netflix's Behind Her Eyes finale explained – and it's completely baffled viewers

Find out all about THAT ending here. Warning! Major spoilers ahead…

behind her eyes final ep
Francesca Shillcock
Senior Features Writer
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This week, a new series landed on Netflix and it's safe to say that it has sparked plenty on conversation.

Behind Her Eyes, starring Simona Brown and Eve Hewson, tells the story of what seems like a perfectly typical TV love triangle, but all is not what it seems. Warning! Major spoilers ahead…

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Throughout the first five episodes, viewers are taken on a journey that explores the life single mum Louise and the relationship with her boss, David, all the while navigating her slightly unsettling friendship with David's wife, Adele.

WATCH: Official trailer for Netflix's Behind Her Eyes

The final episode sees a dramatic turn of events where viewers realise that Louise is similar to Adele in that she is capable of astral projection (when she travels outside her body and can go anywhere she's been before) and uses this to her advantage to try and save Adele.

For those that were left confused during episode six (and we wouldn't blame you), Louise transcends her spirit into the bedroom where Adele is lying after setting her house on fire to try and wake her up. But Adele's spirit and Louise's spirit end up getting in a scuffle and travelling back into each other's bodies.

Adele, in Louise's body, then decides to inject Louise, who is in Adele's body, with drugs so that she overdoses. This then means that the spirit of Louise is dead, but to the untrained eye, it's Adele that has passed.

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louise behind her eyes© Photo: Netflix

Many viewers have been left baffled at the Netflix show

However, it doesn't end there. We then learn that Rob, Adele's former friend from rehab, actually pulled the same move some years earlier in order to get closer to David by living in Adele's body, after he killed the spirit of Adele via his body. Which then explains Adele's unhinged behaviour in present day.

The ending then sees Rob, in Louise's body, living his life through her, by moving on to marry David and be mum to Adam.

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behind her eyes finale 1© Photo: Netflix

Did you predict the ending?

But it seems that many have been left feeling perplexed by the ending, with some loving the fantasy twist and others not so keen. Taking to social media, one fan wrote: "Just finished watching #BehindHerEyes and this is the first time I could not see a plot twist coming!! Touché... Now let me sit here a while to process all this."

Another said: "Spent the last 6 hours of my life binging #BehindHerEyes and lordddd there are no words… I have never experienced such madness." A third wrote: "Mind blown with #BehindHerEyes That was weird and terrifying. I don't know what to feel with the ending..."

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