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Behind Her Eyes: the one major clue viewers might have missed

Did you see the Netflix show's insane twist coming? 

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Netflix's Behind Her Eyes was a huge hit with viewers, despite them either loving or hating the shocking ending. Warning, spoilers ahead for the ending of the popular drama!

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The show follows Louise, a young mother who becomes embroiled in the lives of a seemingly perfect married couple. However, all is not as it seems between Adele and David, and it is eventually revealed that Adele isn't actually Adele at all - but is her old friend Rob who stole her consciousness after the pair learned how to 'astral project' into each other's bodies. 

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While the supernatural twist was shocking to almost every viewer, there was one major clue throughout the show that hinted at Adele's true identity. Throughout the series, Adele's past is told in a series of flashbacks detailing her time at a psychiatric clinic following her parents' deaths. While the focus is on Adele, Rob is actually in every single one of the flashbacks, suggesting that we are actually watching Rob's memories - not Adele's. 

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Rob had been pretending to the Adele for years

Other clues hinting at Rob's identity include the fact that 'Adele' told Louise that she used to suffer from night terrors, which was one of Rob's afflictions, owned his old diary, and was seen using heroin - which Rob was addicted to. 

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Eagle-eyed fans also spotted that the clues were there during the astral projection scenes, in which each character's 'aura' is a distinct colour. In flashbacks, Adele's is pink and Rob's is blue, whereas in the present, Adele's is blue - hinting that she has been Rob all along. 

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Did you like the plot tiwst?

Speaking about the hints throughout the series, the author of the book from which the show is adapted, Sarah Pinborough, told The Guardian: "The clues had to be there. Everything had to have dual meaning so that no one could say this character lied. I would have hated that." 

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