Kate Humble reveals why having children 'wasn't for me' 

Escape to the Humble Farm with Kate Humble star lives in Monmouthshire with her husband, Ludo 

Escape to the Farm star Kate Humble has previously opened up about why she never wanted children, and her husband, Ludo Graham, felt the same.

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Chatting to the Mirror in 2016the star revealed that she knew she wasn't interested in having children of her own when she was 14. She explained: "I just knew having children wasn’t for me. Luckily I married someone who agreed." Kate is godmother to Ben Fogle's son, Ludo. 

Kate with her husband Ludo 

Speaking about her relationship with Ludo, she continued: "Having a partner gives you a level of security in your life that makes a huge difference. It makes you less self-obsessed because you don’t have time – you have to make them breakfast!" Ludo is a TV director and producer, and filmed her new series.

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Kate told HELLO!: "I was quite nervous – I think he was too – but without sounding like an overly adoring wife, he is very good at what he does and has been doing it for a very long time." 

Kate is Ben's son's godmother

She continued: "It was lovely to be on our home turf. All the people we filmed are people we know and work with, so it was like we were creating our own bubble, our gang." 

Speaking about welcoming a TV crew onto her 117-acre farm in Monmouthshire during 2020, she explained: "Everybody felt it was something we could all do with. I think it taps into the national consciousness that has emerged during this time, when people have looked to more fundamental and earthy things for comfort."

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