Will there be a sequel to Netflix's Love and Monsters?

The comedy-adventure film has been a hit with viewers

We love a good post-apocalyptic movie and Love and Monsters has quickly become one of our favourites.

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The film, which stars Teen Wolf and Maze Runner actor Dylan O'Brien, has been a hit with viewers ever since it landed on the platform and has even been nominated for an Oscar for Best Visual EffectsSo, will there be a sequel? Here's what we know…

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It has not yet been announced if there will be a second Love and Monsters film. Given that the film was only released in the US in October 2020 and worldwide in April 2021, it seems likely that fans will have to wait a little while before an official statement is made.

The good news is that the film has shot to the top spot on Netflix's Top 10 list in almost every country it's available in, meaning that it has become the streaming site's most-watched movie on the site over the last week.

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Likewise, there's plenty of interest in continuing Joel's story from the film's cast and crew. Following the movie's theatrical release in the United States last year, director Michael Matthews told Decider: "There's been some discussion about it. I've got a few interesting ideas. But we did focus on this just being its own movie.

"It's not the approach of, 'How do we start a franchise?' It was really like, 'Let's make a cool movie!\ And then let's see what the response is, how it does, and think about an interesting way of where that world can go."

Dylan O'Brien plays Joel in the movie

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He continued: "For me, and for Dylan, that's been quite a key thing: Not trying to visualize it as this movie that's a franchise starter. That's really up to the audience."

Let's hope it is, since viewers have clearly been loving the action-adventure and have been filling Twitter with positive reviews and comments all week.

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One person wrote: "#LoveAndMonsters is actually one of the best adventure movies I've seen in years. It has surprisingly great CGI for the monsters and the story itself is solid. I'm also now a fan of #DylanOBrien he is heartbreaking and funny in this movie. Can't wait to see what he does next."

A second fan said: "Just finished watching #LoveAndMonsters and it was great. Kind of reminded me of Zombieland which I love and the dog was so cute," while a third added: "I surprisingly really liked #LoveAndMonsters... Big fan of any film where a dog is the supporting actor."

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