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6 questions we need answering in Line of Duty series six finale

Mother of God, we can't believe it's nearly over!

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Francesca Shillcock
Francesca ShillcockSenior Features Writer
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Over the past few weeks, the nation has been gripped by Line of Duty. The weekly viewing figures have been sky-high, breaking records in the process, so it's safe to say that series six is the most successful chapter in the police drama yet. This weekend, however, it all comes to a head with the highly-anticipated series finale in the form of a bonus seventh episode.

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There are some questions that viewers and the team here at HELLO! are desperately hoping to get answers to. Here's our roundup of the most important questions we have ahead of Sunday...

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Why did Kate and Jo go on the run?

Episode five opened up with the immediate aftermath of that cliffhanger shoot-out from the week before. It transpired that Kate had fired two fatal shots on PC Ryan Pilkington and then, in a moment we ourselves found confusing, she and Jo Davidson go on the run.

We need answers to this question because, as Jo outlined herself in her AC-12 interview, the shooter was carrying out her lawful duty of preserving life because Ryan was threatening to kill Kate. Not to mention that Kate, a former AFO, was assigned a firearm to carry on her person for her own protection. Surely, the need to use it if necessary was implied? This also poses the question of why Kate would allow Jo to take the fall for shooting Ryan. Could there be more to the story? We're hoping the finale will offer some clarity on this.

lod s6 ep 6© Photo: BBC

We're wondering why Kate and Jo ran after the shoot out 

Who is H or 'the fourth man'?

The ever-lasting question that many have been wondering about for the past few seasons. It seems that everyone has their suspicions on who it could be from Superintendent Ted Hastings to Kate Fleming and Philip Osborne. Or is it newbie, Marcus Thurwell? Or the brilliantly passive aggressive Patricia Carmichael? If we don't find out on Sunday, it could, at least, be a promising sign that series seven is on the cards.

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ted lod© Photo: BBC

Will we finally find out who H is?

Is Marcus Thurwell really dead?

Surely they wouldn't bring in TV legend James Nesbitt for a role in Line of Duty only for his character to simply appear on a computer screen? It seems many don't think so. Plenty of viewers have decided that they think Marcus is in fact still alive and on the run. We'll have to wait and see.

marcus lod© Photo: BBC

Fans are convinced Marcus Thurwell is still alive

Will Steve get suspended?

Poor Steve. He's been having a hard time with painkillers recently but the newly appointed DI only has five days to respond to those Occupational Health emails otherwise he risks suspension. We can't imagine AC-12 without him, let's hope we see him turn things around in the season finale.

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steve lod© Photo: BBC

Steve runs the risk of getting suspended

Who killed Gail Vella?

The arc of this series has been the murder of investigative journalist Gail Vella, portrayed by comedian and actress Andi Osho. It's been revealed throughout the six episodes that Gail was conducting her own investigative report into the ring of corrupt officers colluding with organised crime gang members to conduct illegal activity.

Gail interviewed a number of key witnesses and potential suspects involved, including Jimmy Lakewell and former Police and Crime Commissioner Rohan Sindwhani. AC-12, the MIT and viewers at home now believe her murder was ordered by corrupt officers, and possibly the fourth man, for her silence.

lod series six© Photo: BBC

Will we finally get an answer to who killed Gail Vella?

Will Patricia Carmichael be revealed as a bent copper?

Is DCS Patricia Carmichael bent? Or is she just following her duty as a police officer to the letter of the law? The fans are pretty divided on this one but, either way, she's certainly become a villainous character the nation loves to hate.

Anna Maxwell Martin opened up about her character on a recent appearance on This Morning and even hinted whether Patricia is in fact H.

anna maxwell martin lod© Photo: BBC

Anna Maxwell Martin as Patricia Carmichael

"There were a couple of bits [in the script] where she was nasty and I just went for it. And then she morphed into a horror show," she told Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby. "I think she's just misunderstood, she's just trying to do her job. She probably just wants a nice cuddle, Pat. She's just a bit cross."

Roll on Sunday!

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