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Line of Duty hints that Kate is H in season 6 finale trailer

In the words of Ted Hastings, Mary, Jesus and Joseph and the wee donkey! 

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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The explosive trailer for the Line of Duty season six finale has just landed, and it looks like it will finally reveal the identity of 'H' AKA 'the Fourth Man' - and that it might be Kate! We're sucking on diesel now fellas!

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The trailer (below) shows Joanne Davidson being transported during her arrest, with Kate, Steve and Ted all on hand to transport her. However, it looks like things clearly go south, as Kate can be heard shouting "armed police!" Ted Hastings can also be heard saying: "All of these suspicious deaths were orchestrated by one officer in particular. H, the Fourth Man," before it is revealed that the AC-12 team are looking over transcripts with 'definately' highlighted, a spelling error made by both Ted and the OCG member that Jo previously spoke to via a chat messenger. 

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Although this would suggest that Ted Hastings is the real H, a moment from the trailer quickly shows the main suspects in quick succession, including Ted, Philip Osbourne, Patricia Carmichael and Marcus Thurwell - but ends with Kate!  

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Plenty of fans have suggested that Kate could indeed be behind it all. Posting on HELLO!'s Insider, they wrote: "Kate seemed remarkably calm and relaxed when she met Steve after being released despite Carmichael basically telling her she knows her and Jo are lying. If Kate IS H - I’m getting very suspicious now- it would all make sense.Ryan dead, Jo banged up. Kate walks away scot-free!" 

kate fleming s6

Will the real 'H' please stand up

Another person added: "Watching the official trailer for this whole series and the very last scene is Steve saying 'the 4th man OR WOMAN' and you see Kate looking worried. Is that again too obvious? Do think though the ‘4th man’ could well turn out to be a woman." 

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