Viewpoint viewers have same complaint about show ahead of episode three

The show is airing over five consecutive nights on ITV 

Viewpoint viewers have taken to Twitter to discuss the five-part miniseries following episode two, with many suggesting that the plot might be moving a little too slowly for their taste!

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The series follows detective Martin Young (Noel Clarke) as he decides to take the lead in a case involving the disappearance of a local primary school teacher, Gemma. Setting up his surveillance operation in a nearby home of another local resident, Zoe Sterling, due to its panoramic view of Gemma's flat – he soon discovers that his own past experiences and burdens affect his thoughts on the case, threatening the operation.

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Posting on social media, one person wrote: "Not saying this is dragging but here’s a couple of pictures of me and the lad. One taken when this episode started and one taken at the end of it."

Another added: "Normally love an ITV drama but my god [sleeping face emoji] snail's pace." A third person wrote: "Nope. I’ve tried but I really can’t do this. Too slow. So many holes i could drive my truck thru em." 

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However, others were enjoying the steady plot progression, with one tweeting: "Ooh this is growing on me. Love a slow-burner." Another fan wrote: "I am actually enjoying the slow pacing and quiet moments of #Viewpoint," while a third person posted: "Really enjoying this. The slow burn is what makes it so good  @ITV #Viewpoint." 

Catherine opened up about a potential second series 

Catherine Tyldesley stars in the series and has opened up about wanting a second series. Chatting to Digital Spy, she explained: "I hope it does get a season two because it really deserves it... [Martin's] a likeable character, so I think that is what people are going to want from season two – everyone's just going to love Noel's character and hopefully be hooked with the writing and crave more of it."

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