Viewers have mixed response to The Pursuit of Love's first episode

Lily James and Dominic West star in the drama

The show on everybody's lips right now is BBC's new period drama, The Pursuit of Love – a mini-series adapted from the famous Nancy Mitford novel.

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The new show boasts an impressive cast, from Lily James and Dominic West to Emily Mortimer and Andrew Scott – but it seems that there was mixed response to the first instalment from those watching at home.

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WATCH: The Pursuit of Love on BBC - official trailer

While some were loving the drama, others were less keen. One person tweeted: "Couldn't get into #ThePursuitOfLove A bit disjointed."

A second person said: "It was pretty dreadful but watchable so I will probably give it another go. The fact that I was on Twitter for a lot of it probably isn't a ringing endorsement really. I have read and enjoyed the book #ThePursuitofLove."

Others, however, were more forgiving and had plenty of praise for director Emily Mortimer's adaptation of the story. "@BBCOne #ThePursuitOfLove mini-series fabulous. It's like the Brideshead Revisited for a new generation. Marvellous do watch it if you can," tweeted one fan.

Another said: "I find it weird how much hate there is for bbc #ThePursuitOfLove maybe it's because I've not read the book and have a dislike for most traditional costume dramas but I thought it was really rather good with a great soundtrack."

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Did you watch the first episode of The Pursuit of Love?

A third commented: "#ThePursuitOfLove on @BBCOne, written by Emily Mortimer who clearly loves and respects her source material. Nothing patronising about that adaptation - it was honest, sensitive, loving, funny, intelligent, sexy - recommend! #LoveisforGrownups."

The Pursuit of Love tells the story of two cousins, Linda and Fanny, who both embark on a quest to find true love but go about it in very different ways. While Fanny is careful and cautious, Linda is free-spirited and passionate, and their opposing methods put their friendship to their test.

The synopsis reads: "As social and political divisions split the nation, their diverging choices raise personal questions that remain intensely relevant today – questions about freedom, about love and sex, and the mystery of the human heart." 

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