This is Us season five finale plot twist leaves viewers in shock 

Warning, spoilers ahead for This is Us season five! 

This is Us fans were shocked when a major plot twist revealed that a wedding, which was believed to be Kevin and Madison tying the knot, was actually revealed to be part of a time jump where it is actually Kate and her boss Philip who are getting wed - meaning that at some point, Kate and Toby will break up. 

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Speaking about the twist, one person wrote: "Wait... Kate and Toby aren’t together anymore??? And she’s marrying the music teacher?" Another added: "KATE AND TOBY DIDNT SURVIVE THE LONG DISTANCE. OMG. Clearly, still in complete and utter shock." A third person tweeted: "It’s borderline criminal to end the season with that scene."  

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Speaking to EW about the revelation, actress Chrissy Metz said: "Well, initially I was like, 'Does that have to happen? Like, are you guys sold? Are you sold on that? I don't know. Are you sure?' Because, of course, as a fan of Chris Sullivan's, I adore him, and to know him is to love him. You get so connected to somebody. And selfishly I'm like, 'No! This can't happen!' And then I cried." 

Kate and Toby will break up

She continued: "It's like this huge, massive pivot that you just didn't think it was ever going to really happen. I mean, it's wonderful storytelling, and I think what's most important is the co-parenting. It's very, very important to do it well, for the children and for the greater good. Not everybody is your forever person – even if you thought they would and you wanted them to be." 

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The sixth season will be the show's last, with executive producer Isaac Aptaker telling Digital Spy: "In everything we do, we never put anything on TV until we know how it's going to end up, because you never want to paint yourself into a corner... It's a family. People have gotten married on the crew. People have had multiple babies. It's been half a decade." 

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