The Pact fans confused after spotting blunder in recent episode

The BBC drama stars Laura Fraser and Julie Hesmondhalgh

The Pact is the perfect TV viewing at the moment and fans are loving trying to figure out the identity of the mystery murderer. But while many are enjoying the BBC drama, which stars Laura Fraser and Julie Hesmondhalgh, others were left confused by one particular "error".

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Taking to social media after Tuesday's gripping episode four, fans had some questions about murder victim's Jack trousers – which were pulled up when his dead body was discovered, contrary to the first episode. "Who pulled his trousers up in #ThePact then? Continuity not important eh? Makes for the best telly," said one fan.

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Another echoed this, writing on Twitter on Tuesday: "It was very good but I have two questions, who pulled up Jacks trousers while his hands were tied behind his back and how did Anna trace a unknown phone number? #ThePact." 

A third wrote: "No one has answered my query about the trousers being pulled up in #thepact. There has to be an answer out there."

Meanwhile, episode four continued to reveal more and more about the night of Jack's death, which saw the group of colleagues, Nancy, Anna, Cat and Louie all take part in a prank shortly before his death.

After learning it was in fact Nancy who was behind the blackmail texts, viewers were saddened to see she had done it due to financial worries, and not because she knew what really happened to Jack.

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Are you enjoying The Pact?

Many viewers found the episode unexpectedly emotional. "Christ it's all so emotional!", said one fan. Another wrote: "Did not expect to cry in the last ten mins of #ThePact," while a third simply tweeted: "Sobbing #ThePact."

Star of the show Laura recently opened up about her role as Anna, admitted it was a "difficult" gig due to the intense storyline and her character's secretive journey. Chatting to HELLO! in an exclusive interview, she said: "She's in so much emotional turmoil and to keep that going really took a toll.

"It's funny because your body doesn't know that it's not real. Your amygdala still fires up and then it's like 'Oh my god something really bad is happening!'"

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