Jamie Oliver shares exciting update on upcoming series

The series will air on Channel 4

Jamie Oliver has been on our screens since 1999, and the popular chef is set to return to screens later this year with Jamie Oliver: Together.

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The four-part series is set to air on Channel 4, and will see Jamie cooking meals for the frontline workers who helped us get through the pandemic.

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In a new video shared on his Instagram Stories, The Naked Chef star shared an exciting update with his fans.

As he strolled through the gardens at his £6million mansion, he said: "Hi guys, I hope you're all really really well, I just thought I'd give you a little bit of an update.

"I've been filming the new series this week, called Together. Comes out in September on Channel 4, and we have been cooking beautiful dinners for amazing frontline workers and it's been amazing.

"It's been really really special to share some quality time and be together with some midwives, young doctors, teachers, early-year teachers, volunteers.

"It has been so so nice and I've been able to meet the most lovely people and it's been just a pleasure to give them a little bit of love and cook for them and say thank you."

The star delivered the update from his pristine gardens

He finished with a small tease, as he explained: "I'm really looking forward to you seeing this series. Yeah, I'll keep you informed, maybe I'll show you some behind-the-scenes next week.

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"First week was a bit mad and the weather, well it's raining now, is just a bit rubbish."

Fans will be understandably excited, and just like them, we cannot wait until September now!

Jamie isn't the only the only cook in his family, as his son Buddy, ten, also regularly shares his own recipes with his famous dad's followers.

Last week, the youngster prepared one of his favourite dishes, tuna pasta, although his method of plating the dish did raise eyebrows.

Jamie's son Buddy is turning into quite the cook

At the end of the clip, he took the sleeve of his red jumper and cleaned the sauce from around the edge of the plate with that! Lucky for him, they were the same colour.

Knowing the move may cause controversy, Buddy says: "Don't be mean to be in the comments! It's all in the presentation!"

Of course, there were plenty of comments about Buddy's unusual hack, with one follower writing, "Loving the jumper hack!!" and another replying, "It's a good thing he was wearing the same colour as the sauce!"

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