Piers Morgan slams Lewis actor on Twitter: ‘A shameful and disgusting piece of work’

Laurence Fox later posted a thread explaining his perspective following the tweet's removal

Piers Morgan has slammed Lewis actor Laurence Fox for posting a tweet that was later taken down by the streaming platform under their ‘hateful conduct’ guidelines. 

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Sharing a screenshot of the tweet, Piers wrote: “Laurence Fox is a shameful & disgusting piece of work.” His post amassed nearly 18,000 likes - with one follower writing: “The tweet should be handled by the police.” Another added: “The BBC and LBC can never give Laurence Fox a platform again. It is ridiculous that they ever did.” A third person posted: “Clear cut racism.”

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After another follower questioned why Piers had screenshot the offending post, a Twitter user replied writing: “Because Laurence Fox will likely stand in another election at some point and it's important to let as many people know as possible what sort of person he is. I think the tweet has been deleted now, not the 1st time he's done that after heavy criticism from his Twitter followers.” 

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Piers wasn’t the only person to criticise the post, as the actor’s name trended on Twitter as others took to the platform to express their views. Another person wrote: “Laurence Fox long ago sewed the seeds of his own destruction. He will go the way of Katie Hopkins and Yaxley Lennon and soon be on his way into obscurity.” 

Laurence attempted to defend the removed tweet

Following the outrage at his message, Laurence attempted to defend his post, writing: “Nothing in my admittedly provocative tweet was about race, although it is with crushing predictability that it was spun this way by my political opponents & the usual media grifters.”  

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