Prince William’s down-to-earth letter to former Royal Marine after arson attack

Sean believes he was targeted for reporting the anti-social behaviour in his area

Prince William has sent a down-to-earth letter to a former Royal Marine, Sean Ivey, who lost his caravan in an arson attack, which he believed to be due to his stance on anti-social behaviour in his neighbourhood. The Duke of Cambridge praised him in his letter for having the “moral courage to stand up for what is right”. 

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Sean, who previously served in Afghanistan and Iraq, opened up about the letter, and revealed his amazement that the Prince had simply signed the letter ‘William’.

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The former Marine, who is now planning to set up a charity for young people in his area, told the BBC: “It hasn't even got Prince William or His Royal Highness Prince William of Duke of Cambridge, it's just William. He recognises the problem and I'm honoured he's said that. 

Sean opened up about William's letter

In the letter, William wrote: “For a person to be put in such a position, simply due to having the moral courage to stand up for what is right, is reprehensible; I stand beside you.” He added that he had been “heartened” by how the public had supported Sean and his family, with an appeal receiving over £300,000. 

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Sean added: “If our own royal family are recognising this problem in our society, other powers that be should take more swift action to eradicate it.” Unfortunately, the culprits behind the fire have not been found, with the case being dropped back in May. Speaking about the incident, a Durham Police spokesperson Sid that there was "insufficient evidence to support a charge and no further action will be taken”. 

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