Silent Witness star Emilia Fox reveals ‘awful’ situation with brother Freddie 

Freddie is perhaps best known for starring in White House Farm 

Emilia Fox comes from a very famous family, including her cousin, Lewis star Laurence Fox, and her brother, fellow actor Freddie Fox. The star is perhaps best known for appearing in White House Farm, where he played the role of the serial killer, Jeremy Bamber. However, there was one major issue with the show - it had a scheduling clash with Emilia’s own series, Silent Witness. 

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Speaking about how the timings for the two shows clashed, she told The Times: “That was awful. I don’t know why they did that. Anyway, I watched Fred and I thought he was terrific, but actually competition doesn’t come into it. I know how precarious acting can be. 

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“I know how hard it is not to have work. And there were times I felt, whenever I walked into a room, people were expecting a different Fox. I wanted to forge my own career, but it’s all very supportive now.”

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She also joked about how the whole family were slightly concerned when he announced he would be playing Jeremy in the show, as he is a method actor. Emilia explained: “Freddie is quite methody in his approach to acting. If he’s playing David Bowie, then he’ll sit there on a guitar being Bowie.

Emilia opened up about her brother

"When he came home one Christmas and told us he was going to play the killer Jeremy Bamber in White House Farm there was a sharp intake of breath. That certainly got everyone talking around the dinner table.”

Emilia is back on our screens as Dr Nikki Alexander - this time thankfully without any clashes with her brother! In the show, she plays the lead forensic investigator tasked with solving some mysterious crimes. In the latest series, a romance is teased between Nikki and Jack Hodgson, played by David Caves, in a will-they-won't-they storyline. What do you think will happen?!

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