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Squid Game fans spot huge hint at plot twist – and we can't believe we didn't see it

Warning, massive spoilers ahead for the Netflix show

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Squid Game has been the show that no one has been able to stop talking about over the last few weeks, and we're right there with fans in being utterly obsessed with the smash hit Korean drama, so much so that we've started to spot major hints about the show's ending in moments of the show – but did you spot this huge giveaway about Player 001's identity in episode four?

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In the show, Player 001 is eventually revealed to be Oh Il-nam, the creator of the game who decides he wants to join in and experience it as he learns he is dying from a brain tumour. As such, he is never truly in any danger of dying – and this was revealed in episode four during the Tug of War game.

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One eagle-eyed viewer on TikTok noticed that while the other players are chained to the rope with padlocks, Player 001 is the only one whose shackles aren't actually locked, meaning that he wouldn't have fallen off the ledge while attached to the rope. Sharing a close-up of the moment, they wrote: "Did anyone realise that in the tug and war game everyone had locks except the old man?"

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People were quick to comment, with one writing: "The old man was never really in danger the whole game… every game that was played were games he knew about beforehand and wanted to play, that's why."

tug of war

Did you spot the moment?

Another two people pointed out that it would have been easier to spot without subtitles, writing: "So many clues but I was too busy reading the subtitles!" Another added: "It's crazy how we all probably would have seen this if we weren't too busy reading the subtitles."

Did you spot the huge plot hint, or will you need to go back and watch it again?

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