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Don't Look Up: viewers spot major mistake in Netflix film – did you see it?

The film stars the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Don't Look Up has certainly given us something to talk about over the festive period. The disaster film, which was released on Christmas Eve, follows two scientists as they try to convince the world that a comet will wipe out life on planet Earth. However, while enjoying the new movie, eagle-eyed fans were quick to spot a mistake.

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TikTok user @sightpicture shared the spot on the social media platform, saying: "I was just watching Don't Look Up. And at one hour, 28 minutes and ten seconds, it looks like you can see the whole film crew standing here, for like three or four frames. They're like, ‘Oh, they probably won't notice that.' Yup."

WATCH: Have you watched Don't Look Up yet?

However, the director Adam McKay has since said that the moment was deliberately kept in the film, tweeting: "Good eye! We left that blip of the crew in on purpose to commemorate the strange filming experience. #DontLookUp."

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Viewers have had a positive reaction to the new film, despite it receiving a lukewarm reaction from critics. Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: "I just do not get it. Someone does something so daring & funny & needed as #DontLookUp from Netflix and it's being given mixed & negative reviews! What???!!! It's our Dr Strangelove for today!  'We really did have it all, didn't we?' Those words need to be imbedded in our souls!"

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What did you think of the new movie?

Another person added: "#DontLookUp was one of the best movies of the year - the acting, cinematography, and most importantly of all, its message. They nailed it. The negative reviews from critics/media show an unwillingness to reflect on their own role in facilitating the current political zeitgeist."

A third person tweeted: "I am honestly baffled by all the negative criticism that #DontLookUp received! Found it to be equally hilarious & terrifying, exactly what an effective satire should be!"

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