Married at First Sight Australia: 6 filming secrets you didn't know about

The reality show is back for series nine!

Married at First Sight Australia became an overnight sensation - and we're so happy that it's back for season nine! The hugely popular reality show has us engrossed in the drama and juicy telly once again - but there's more to it than what meets the eye!

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There are many secrets about the E4 programme that you may not be aware of, so if you love the show and are intrigued to know some filming secrets that go on behind the scenes, then look no further…

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The weddings aren't legal

According to a producer on the show, the weddings you see on the show aren't legally binding. The process of getting married is purely for experimental and TV purposes. A spokesperson at the reality TV show's broadcaster, Channel Nine, explained the weddings that viewers witness are not legally binding.

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The UK fell in love with the show when series six aired

They told Australian online publication Now To Love back in 2021: "In order to comply with the Australian Marriage Act (1961) which requires one month and one day notification, a marriage in law was not conducted. Each participant embarked on a commitment ceremony with a wedding celebrant with all due intention to commit fully to this union for the duration of the experiment."

Couples have to call for cameras when they argue

We don't know if this is always the case, however, series six participant Michael Brunelli revealed to fans that couples are instructed to put their fights on hold until a camera crew arrives to film it. The former school teacher said on his Tik Tok after their series aired: "One of the weirdest things when we were on MAFS was that they didn't film all day.

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Are you a fan of the reality show?

"So when the camera crew left, the camera crew told us: 'Don't learn anything about each other, don't really talk to each other because it needs to be on camera.'"

He added: "If you have a fight, you need to stop mid-fight and call the producer so they can bring the camera and start recording, then you've got to keep going with the fight."

The dinner parties are more orchestrated than you think

According to another previous contestant, the couples are forced to all separate before the show begins, to still with their own thoughts before heading to the dinner party – where there's usually always drama.

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Series five star Tracey Jewel told Who Online: "They want the dinner parties to be as explosive as possible. You have to rock up at noon and sit in a tent until like 4pm on your own and you have all these emotions bubbling to the surface and seething before you walk in."

We can't wait to watch series nine

The homes shown are actually Airbnbs

Although part of the show is the couples each visiting their respective partner's abodes, many Airbnbs and rented properties were used during filming. It's not clear why, but New Idea reported that season six star Jessika Powers' home was a rental from Airbnb. Meanwhile, Tamara Joy's home was also rented.

The match-making is a long process

Before joining the show, the singletons go through a rigorous process in order for the experts to match them with their potential partner. One previous contestant on the UK version, named Clark, previously explained to Cosmopolitan that each individual is asked many questions to find the right person for them.

"It was a 500 question questionnaire that goes through your likes, your dislikes, all the intricate pieces of information about you.

"Your religious views, your political views, what you find attractive, your sexual history, whether you are sexually active," he said. The contestants also have to go through physical and mental health checks prior to joining, too.

Series nine of Married at First Sight Australia airs on Monday 21 February

Many contestants are head-hunted by producers

A number of the contestants on the show have applied by seeing advertisements to the show, but some take part after being headhunted by producers at various events and from social media.

Like many reality shows, bosses at Married at First Sight are constantly on the look-out for participants and often choose who they like the look of based on their personality. Whether completely orchestrated or genuine – either way, it's great TV!

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